Teresa Van Lieshout

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A far right politician from Perth. Van Lieshout, who claims to be a former teacher in economics, is something of a full blown psychopath. She ran as a candidate for Fremantle on behalf of the Palmer United Party, but was removed on account of her erratic behaviour. She later threw her lot in with the small white nationalist Australian Protectionist Party, where she secured a meagre 0.24% of the vote.

Theresa announced her intention to run as a candidate once again, this time for the seat of Canning. As a result of far right parties (even the most miniscule and wacky) keeping her at an arms length of their operations, Lieshout created her own one woman Voter Rights Party, AKA Australian Peoples Party. I think a celebratory dance is in order.

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This unhinged individual was issued with an arrest warrant after failing to appear in court on charges related to theft, essentially becoming a fugitive. We can imagine this would make running in elections difficult. Van Lieshout operates a YouTube channel, which features her eccentrically prancing around in a bikini spruiking the non-existent Voters Rights Party. We at AFAS believe that she suffers from mental health related issues and is possibly undergoing an emotional breakdown, but this is mere speculation. I guess one can draw their own conclusions from the provided videos.


Mark Wilson

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A British born white nationalist activist. Wilson was born and raised in the UK, where from a young age he was active in his local British National Party (BNP) chapter. Upon his arrival in Australia, Wilson resumed his involvement in the far right, linking up with German born neo Nazi Welf Helfurth and founding the Australian Friends of the BNP also known as Australian Friends of Europe, serving as secretary and editor of their newspaper.

Wilson’s white supremacist entryist strategy:

Wilson became active within the small white nationalist Australian Protectionist Party following its split with the more hard-line anti Semitic AFP. He remained in close contact with his former BNP comrades, travelling to England in 2008 to attend their annual Red, White & Blue festival on behalf of the APP. He remains active on the fringes of Australia’s marginal white nationalist intellectual movement.

Troy Ellis

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A far right politician from Swan, WA. Ellis is a former board member of the Perth Lions. He is a former candidate for the Greens and a dedicated environmentalist. On account of his former work in environmentalism he was nominated into the finals for some bloody most beautiful person contest in the tabloid rag Who Weekly. Guess they left their glasses at home. This would spark his interest in becoming an E grade celebrity, hosting beauty pageants and singing competitions.

Ellis dipped his toes into far right politics when he joined the white nationalist Australian Protectionist Party. He was selected as their candidate for Swan in the 2013 election, although his results weren’t so great. Ellis remains active within the APP, recently playing MC to an APP organised event in WA where they hosted Australian nationalist Graeme Campbell. He founded and runs his own NGO Humans on Mother Earth (HOME).

Noelene Isherwood

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A far right politician from Melbourne. Isherwood is the wife of Craig Isherwood, the two co founding the far right nationalist Citizens Electoral Council in the late 80s alongside former members of the Australian League of Rights. The CEC soon fell under the influence of the ideas of American convicted criminal and cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, and has since been established as the Australian wing of the international movement.

Isherwood is a leading figure in the CEC, second only to her husband. She has served as CEC chairman, Victorian State Secretary and has run in several elections on the party’s behalf. She often plays MC at CEC events and leads presentations on their various conspiracy based topics.

Maurice Hetherington

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A far right political activist from Queensland. Hetherington is the co founder (alongside Craig Isherwood) of the far right political organisation the Citizens Electoral Council, an officially registered political party. Hetherington was notable for introducing the ideas of American political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche into Australian politics through the CEC.

Hetherington has served as the chairman of the CEC and remains one of its key power figures. He currently sits on the national executive committee and is the head of the party’s operations in Queensland. He has represented the CEC in several elections, notably for the seat of Baralaba.

Gabrielle Peut

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A far right writer, politician and functionary from Melbourne. Peut is a prominent member of the anti Semitic Citizens Electoral Council, being a member of its National Executive Committee. She has represented the party in several elections, standing as a candidate for the Victorian senate in 2016.

Peut represented the CEC in a trip to Russia in 2015 for the so called Eurasia Women’s Forum, which was run by right wing politician Valentina Matviyenko, former governor of St Petersburg, Chairman of the Federation Council and prominent member of Putin’s United Russia party. Here, LaRouche’s conspiracies were given a national platform.

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Peut is a central figure in the CEC, being one of their main researchers and writers, fetishizing topics such as the death of Princess Diana and the trading bloc BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to break English/ international Jewish bankers control over the worlds economies.

Robert Barwick

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A far right political activist from Melbourne. Barwick is a leading figure in the Citizens Electoral Council, acting as one of their most visible functionaries. Barwick acts as the CEC spokesperson, media liaison and as their key political researcher and analyst.

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Barwick spoke at a conference in America in 2013 organised by the Schiller Institute, a front group for the American wing of the LaRouche movement. He appears regularly in the CEC channel The CEC Report  with his wife Elisa Barwick and is a regular contributor to the various CEC controlled publications.