The Dingoes

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A white nationalist group. It was established in 2016 after being emboldened by the election of Donald Trump, modeling themselves as the Australian arm of the alt right. It is made up largely of members of the Young Liberals and the Sydney Traditionalists who have been “red pilled” by youth savvy white supremacist websites such as The Right Stuff, which hosts The Dingoes website. The Dingoes are also active on Twitter.

Crappy DIY Dingo sticker

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It’s founding members use the pseudonyms Mammon, Aussie Tory and Gustav and host their own podcast The Convict Report. Its episodes largely contain racist commentary, childish jokes and innuendoes that trigger the listener to an immediate face palm. TCR has also provided a platform to both George Christensen and Mark Latham who were both aware of the group’s racialist politics. The Dingoes also operate several meme pages on Facebook.

Dingo meme

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In mid 2017 The Dingoes organized a get together in Sydney titled DingoCon. The event was organized in absolute secrecy and even attempted to bring out TRS editor Mike Peinovich as a headliner. In attendance at the event was Blair Cottrell and some other Nazis from Sydney. The Dingoes continue to be a murky presence within the Australian far right, with a minor following among the fashy goys at the University of Sydney.

Prominent Figures

David Hilton

Andrew Wilson

David McBryde

Morgan Qasabian 


David Hilton

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AKA Moses Apostaticus is a Brisbane based white nationalist amateur journalist & writer. Moses claims to hold a PhD in education and worked as a teacher. Following a little personal breakdown, Hilton became a born again Christian. He has also worked as a contributor to several right wing conservative publications such as American website The Daily Caller and The Spectator, where several of his articles were unpublished by Rowan Dean due to their anti Semitic nature.

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Moses Apostaticus emerged recently as one of the aspiring faces of the minor Australian alt right. He somewhat resembles American reactionary Augustus Sol Invictus with his dweeby fashy hair cut and ideologically devoid dreams of “uniting the right”. He holds anti modern traditionalist political views, claiming society is on the brink of civilizational collapse, making odd videos with titles such as “why white people have brain AIDS.”

In April 2017 Moses was chased off campus by a couple of agitated SAlties after he was discovered distributing anti Semitic Holocaust denial material on the University of Sydney campus. A disturbed looking Moses quickly scampered like the cowardly fascist crank that he is from a group of screechy teenage students, who sent him sprinting off the streets and back into his internet dwelling.

Hilton at USYD

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Apostaticus is a contributor to several alt right publications including the XYZ, Zero Hedge and his own blog Restoring Australia. He is also apart of the alt right white nationalist podcast The Convict Report also known as The Dingoes. Moses has also founded his own neo Nazi organization the Australian Traditional Nationalist (Austranati), which has been trying to outdo rival far right groups in a hateful homophobic campaign against the Same Sex Marriage campaign.

He likes to write his own reviews lol

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Following his expose, Davey became a little hot and bothered, taking aim at the Slackbastard blog, who he held responsible. In an uncalculated response, Hilton fired back half cocked, claiming to have uncovered the identity behind the blog, Peter Duggan, some librarian. With little to no evidence, Hilton claims to have pinned down the illusive Andy Fleming, whilst simultaneously attempting to mobilise a doxing campaign against AF on 8chan Nazi forum /pol/.

Australian Traditional Nationalist

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AKA Austranati is a small neo nazi group. It sprouted up in June of 2017 looking like some spotty high school kid’s fashy social media project. Its shameless appropriation WW2 Nazi recruiting posters speaks volumes about this groups political identity, credibility and level of imagination. The group is active in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and operates a twitter, Facebook, and website as well as its own media wing Nationalist News Network.

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Nationalist News Network logo

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Upon its foundation, Austranati conducted an anti queer poster campaign in Brisbane in August 2017. Targeting the upcoming vote on Same Sex Marriage, their posters called for protection of “traditional marriage” .  Its website announces the group to oppose white genocide and cultural marxism, both illusive conspiracies used as buzzwords by the international white nationalist movement. It seems the group has been founded either by members of Antipodean Resistance or are directly copying them. It is headed by Brisbane based white supremacist David Hilton.

Austranazi posters fixed

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Austranati banner

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Kat A Klayton

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A Canberra based far right activist. Klayton came to attention after she co organised and spoke at the tiny 10 person anti Safe Schools rally organised by the Party for Freedom that took place in the 5th of October and 2016. Klayton is a close associate of Dan Evans, being part of the small circle of nationalists active in Canberra.

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Kat addressing Canberra rally

Klayton focuses a large amount of her activity against LGBTIQ rights, being an almost fanatical critic of the Safe Schools program. Kat currently acts as a contributor to the newly founded alt right blog The Unshackled, runs her own YouTube channel Anxious Aussie Commentary and a FaceBook page Extremely Pissed Off Aussie Patriots.

Klayton is one of the countries most active queerphobes. She has thrown herself into the anti SSM debate, constantly lobbying at a grass roots level against the Yes camp. She was one of the main organisers of the Vote No skywriting campaign, organised through GoFundMe to hire fellow homophobe and Christian fundamentalist Rob Vance and his company Skywriting Australia.

Klayton speaking at Party for Freedom “Straight Lives Matter” rally

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Joseph Zammit

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A far right moron from Canberra. Zammit is a nobody basically. He is a close friend and associate of Reclaim Australia Canberra organiser Dan Evans. He aided Evans and a small group of his supporters in organising the Canberra RA rallies as well as the PEGIDA rally that took place in February 2016.

After what seems like not much consideration at all, dopey Evans gave Zammit control over his Stand Up for Australia Sydney page. With this, Zammit set about to join the long list of self promoting video bigots that claim to represent the patriot movement. The only problem was that nobody noticed except us. In these videos, Zammit talks about all kinds of useful things ranging from how to put up an indestructible flag pole in your back yard to Aussie Aussie Aussie, oink, oink, oink. Mostly just his wacky unimportant political views which are based on conspiracy shit he found on the net. Id give this one about a 2/10 personally.

Tina Maree

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A far right anti Islam activist from Canberra. Maree was a prominent organiser of the Reclaim Australia rallies in Canberra, being a close associate of Dan Evans. Maree also played a prominent role in the organisation of the Australian PEGIDA rally that took place in front of parliament in Feb 2016. She also appears to only have one tshirt and promotes every political party except Labor, Libs and Greens, despite their various contradictions.

Tina with Shermon Burgess

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Tina with Chris Shortis

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Tina with Kim Vuga

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Harry Jakobasch

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A German born far right activist. Jakobasch currently resides in Canberra where he has been involved in organising a number of small anti UN protests. He is a close friend and associate of Canberra Reclaim Australia organiser Dan Evans, who permitted this old fool to speak at the Canberra RA rally on Nov 22 2015.

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He has been associated with the Christian extremist party Rise Up Australia, campaigning for Sandie O’Connor. He also assisted with the brief Dan Evans independent campaign before he called quits after facing opposition. He often acts as one of Dan’s closest companions, following him around like some kind of shadow for emotional support.

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Jakobasch regularly travels down to Sydney in the company of Evans to attend far right rallies and events, notably the 2015-16 celebration of the Cronulla Riots and the 2017 Reclaim Australia rally in Martin Place.