Michael Voysey

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Voysey is a redneck idiot with a webcam. This dense fella appeared following the first Reclaim Australia as an eager little beaver keen to jump in Shermie‘s little shoes and into the spotlight. He went on to become one of the most active video representatives for the rallies. His videos often contain draining rants against “da media” “lefty traitors” and “muslims. All things this man knows NOTHING about. The goose has gone so far as to support violence against Muslims,  applauding an arson attack on a Mosque in Toowoomba.

Voysey has continued his publishing of far right anti Islamic propaganda in his typical style, trying to be as offensive to Muslims as he can. On his page which he calls Voysey the Voice 2, he has upped the anti on his hate speech and attacks on opponents of the so called patriot movement. He attended the rally in Perth on July 19th, which, funnily enough, was the only rally EVER that this brave patriot has ever gone to; confessing to his mates that he was too afraid to face the “lefties”.

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(Voysey in centre)

Voysey has recently engaged in a bitter feud with rival patriot Facebook personalities, targeting Shermon Burgess and the UPF. Voysey denounced GAP as a attention seeking “chest beating monkey” who is ruining the movement. He announced his support for rival groups Reclaim Australia and the PDLA before dropping out of activism all together. Another one bites the dust.

Voysey has since returned to… well, Facebook at least, where he continues to bash his rivals. He has taken particular aim at Shermon,  calling him out for his Go Fund Me scam. In less than a week, Voysey, for the fifth time, has publicly announced quitting the movement. Literally. How fucking pathetic.


Thomas Sewell

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Sewell is a neo Nazi activist from Melbourne. Tom is some random kid from the fringes of Australia’s tiny white nationalist scene, who surfaced as one of Shermon Burgess‘s most devoted fanboys in a long line of imitators. He appeared speaking in a video produced on behalf of Blair Cottrell‘s marginal National Democratic Party of Australia. Oh, and Tom reckons he is ex military as well.

He was selected as one of the so called faces of the Reclaim Australia splinter group the United Patriotic Front, being one of the few that actually accepted his membership. Sewell can be seen in the video below punching a woman at the anti Socialist rally on the 31st of May in Melbourne. I thought the UPF didn’t hit women?

Sewell, the so called leader of the UPF youth wing, bares the resemblance of your typical upper middle class jock who read Mein Kampf too many times. He continues to make videos and speeches as a part of the UPF leadership, where he attempts to package himself as an intellectual.

After a intermission (he will tell you it was due to weight lifting I’m sure) Sewell is back! To hitting the gym and wanking off to his image and homoerotic fantasies with Blair before speaking at the last Bendigo rally.

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Sewell put his private school shoes in shit recently when he rushed to the aid of neo Nazis involved in a feud with Sydney based far right group PfF. Sewell stressed the importance of embracing neo Nazis and expressing his disdain for inner fighting between patriots and Nazis. The video lasted all but an hour before being pulled from the page.

Oh and i really wish these two would just hook up already, all the flirting and love dates together, I really don’t think they are fooling anyone…

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Ice cream

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Us pretending to be soldiers

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Us going to Perth

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Us talking about the future of fascism in Australia

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Us joining the mile high club

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(Us in Sydney!)

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Us trying to look tough

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Us at a ski lodge

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We never talk anymore

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Date night

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Us being too cool for the party

Sewell alongside Blair has since been exposed by their former mates and current bitter rivals, Shermie and Neil as being neo Nazis. Sewell is personally connected with several neo Nazi organisations including Australia First, Nationalist Alternative and Right Wing Resistance, who he invited to attend several Reclaim Australia and UPF rallies. Neither Blair or Sewell have responded to these charges instead they seem to be taking a business as usual approach with Fortitude.

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Sewell makes up a third of the UPF/ Fortitude leadership, leaving only the hardcore Nazi types remaining. He envisions himself as a second rate Rudolf Hess, pledging his undying loyalty to his fuhrer. Kinda sad when its you and one other Christian nutter bloke twice your age. Sewell and the rest of the cast of Nazis have used this as the perfect opportunity to normalise national socialism and fascism in the minds of the UPFs remaining followers on FB.

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He claimed at the UPF/ Fortitude seminar at the Bush Pig Inn that fascism is a natural response to cultural Marxism. He explained his wish for a fascist uprising in Australia with specific references to Nazi Germany and the fertile climate that allowed its rise to power. Guess there is no need for subtly anymore, fill your jack boots to the brim matey.

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Sewell and Blair turned up at Melton a few days prior to the TBC organised rally to “suss out” the proposed site for the development of a Islamic housing complex. Sewell claimed that their is still hope, referring to the large quantity of Aussie flags in the neighbourhood as well as anti Muslim graphing all over the site.

Sewell getting the boot from yuppie Socialist Party event

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Brendan Gidley

Gidley is a far right activist from Melbourne. Gidley joined the militant neo fascist group National Action during the 80s. He joined the Australians Against Further Immigration and later its follow up party One Nation. He went on to form his own small group the National Republican Movement, which was responsible for distributing propaganda that incited racial hatred against immigrants.

Gidley is currently a member of the Australia First Party.

Nick Maine

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Maine is a far right politician/ activist from Queensland. Maine served in the Australian Defence Forces during WW2, being stationed in New Guinea. Following his service he became an outspoken white nationalist, being a major supporter of the White Australia Policy and major critic of immigration and multiculturalism.

Maine is noted for his extreme anti Semitism and denial of the Holocaust. He went on to become a member of several far right organisations, notably the Australia First Party.

Terry Cooksley

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Cooksley is a longtime figure within the Australian far right. He became associated with far right leader Jim Saleam during the early 80s through the group National Alliance. He went on to be a founding member of National Action, a violent neo fascist group. He joined the Australians Against Further Immigration group after NA’s collapse.

Cooksley rejoined Saleam and his Australia First Party after leaving One Nation. He is a highly valued member of the AFP staff and former candidate.

Tony Pettitt

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Tony Pettitt is a far right politician based in Sydney. Pettitt has been active in the far right period for three decades, being active in Australians Against Further Immigration. He joined One Nation upon the integration of AAFI under Hanson’s leadership. He was a prominent member of the Australia First Party, running as there candidate in state, council and federal elections as late as 2012. He contributes regularly to the AFP’s Facebook page.