Australian League of Rights

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A far right Christian orientated organisation. It was founded in 1960 by Eric Butler and former members of the New Guard as a firmly anti communist group, establishing itself as the Australian base for the World Anti Communist League. Some have argued that the groups origins are in the immediate post WW2 period. The ALOR official ideology is made up of an array of old guard right wing positions, denouncing neo liberal and pro globalisation positions held by the developing neo conservative movement. It resembles ideologically the American John Birch Society, the Canadian Edmond Burke Society and the British Conservative Monday Club.

The ALOR subscribes to social credit, a Christian orientated economic theory coined by anti Semitic Canadian intellectual C. H Douglas who believed in the existence of an international banking system controlled by Jews. ALOR stresses the importance of traditional Australian values to remain influential in political life such as Christianity and allegiance to the British monarchy. The ALOR hold highly anti Semitic positions, accusing Jews of controlling the media, economy and conjuring the Holocaust, holding revisionist platforms. The ALOR has birthed a host of chapters all over the world, particularly Commonwealth countries including Canada, New Zealand and Britain.

It was known for operating an international network of far right propaganda, active particularly through bookshops operated by the League, most notably the Heritage Bookshop, located at 118 Queen St Melbourne. Notable texts distributed by the League were Mein Kampf, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The International Jew and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the worlds most anti Semitic texts, as well as operating a regular publication called On Target. Other publications affiliated with ALOR include The Strategy and The New Times.

Although making it abundantly clear their hatred for liberal democracy, ALOR have utilised entryist tactics, formally encouraging its members to infiltrate the leadership of the agrarian conservative Nationals party as well as lending its support and endorsements to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

The League is behind several secretive functions, events and talks, the most notorious being the Intervell Forum (organised since 1988) which which provides a platform for holocaust deniers, historical revisionists and other far right conspiracy theorists. By enabling NWO type conspiracies they are able to validate their tales of a international socialist government controlled by Jews. 

ALOR are widely considered to be Australia’s oldest and most influential far right organisation, going on to lay the foundations for future far right organisations such as Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation. Although largely inactive the organisation still operates a webpage


Prominent Figures

Eric Butler

Graeme Campbell


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