Australia First Party

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A far right white nationalist/ neo fascist political party. It was founded in 1996 by Graeme Campbell, an independent politician and former Labor member. Initially the AFP stood to represent the traditional ideals held by the Labor Party, prior to being compromised by so called ‘communist’ reforms. The AFP currently stands for anti multiculturalism, anti immigration and ultra nationalism. It claims to oppose globalisation and capitalism, favouring economic protectionist schemes to be put in place to defend Australian workers and markets from foreign control. It does this not by participating or supporting industrial action, but by lobbying councils developing Islamic community centres and a Chinese theme park. Yea, kinda weird.

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During its early years, the AFP began as a marginal party, constantly overshadowed due to the electoral phenomena of the One Nation party. The AFP is active primarily in operating grassroots campaigns against racial integration and mixing. They produce propaganda aimed at inciting racism, hiding behind their freedom of speech, and exploit events such as Invasion Day and ANZAC day to push their agenda. The AFP are currently split and divided into two factions, one led by Diane Teasdale and the other by Jim Saleam, who now has total control of the AFP franchise. It produces a newspaper called Audacity.

The Australia First Party are widely regarded to be Australia’s largest neo fascist group. It is the descendent of groups like National Action, and is primarily comprised of today by One Nation defects and other far right fringe loons. It holds very close affiliation with several neo Nazi groupings. The AFP organised a youth wing called the Patriotic Youth League (currently known as the Eureka Youth League) which had obvious white power bonehead elements within its ranks. Members of this group might be spotted if you re-watch footage of the Cronulla Riots. They can be seen distributing propaganda, egging on and participating in racial violence on the day. The group has tried running candidates in the Shire area and even celebrating its anniversary, referring to it as a festival of national pride. It used to organise an annual forum known as Sydney Forum.

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The AFP also embrace a Greek political party Golden Dawn, another group that cries crocodile tears because “the media” and “society” perceive them as Nazis, although, never mind the swastika tats, stormtrooper outfits and sieg heil greetings. They were active in organising with the groups Australian chapter, several solidarity rallies and meetings with the GD, notably in Sydney’s CBD, suburb Doonside and also in Brisbane, where they were met with notable resistance.

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((Left) Golden Dawn’s Australian leader Iggy Gavrilidis and AFP Queensland leader Aaron Heaps)

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These days the group still remain old school, having close affiliations with a new but unofficial youth wing calling itself Squadron 88. This group of nipster boneheads is headed by long-time neo Nazi bullyboy Ross “The Skull” May, a long-time associate of Saleam. Their members attend all their events and are amongst the marginal numbers of those dregs that attend AFP events or rallies.

Its members also operate an online neo Nazi website called Whitelaw Towers now known as United Nationalists Australia which claims not to be directly linked to the party and its leadership, but deals with the party’s online dirty laundry. Its main contributor is prominent AFP member Nathan Sykes.

The AFP and their leader Saleam talk about the Eureka stockade as a nationalist event in line with the ideological platform of the party. It uses this flag as its symbol. What they fail to mention or even understand, is that up to 17 different ethnicities were involved in the uprising. It was also an anti colonial rebellion, but the AFP are often seen parading around with the very flag it was raised up to rebel against. The group also embraces Ned Kelly (an outlaw from a persecuted immigrant family who shot folks like Jim) and Jack Lang, a Labor politician and former NSW premier who embraced the White Australia Policy, which the AFP intend to re-establish. They also endorse Lang because he was loathed by the old right reactionary fascist movement the New Guard, which Jim uses to cloak his crypto fascism.

The AFP have also run candidates in various local council elections and occasionally state elections, all of which they almost definitely finish last. The party is currently de registered. Due to the bitterness and nature of this party, Jim often engages in countless forgeries and slander against not only his leftist opponents but his rivals within the far right, his recent target being Pauline Hanson. Its office is located at 725 Princess Highway in the Sydney suburb Tempe.

AFP on the hop again

Australia First have been on the fringes of certain populist political issues in an attempt to gain support from a broader base of potential supporters. Throughout 2014 Australia First put up posters around Redfern in an attempt to create racial conflict between First Nations people and Asians. Saleam attempted to reach out to the leading elder of the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy Aunt Jenny Munro for reasons known only to Jim, as Jenny refused further communications with white supremacists. Members of the AFP have returned to the Block during an emergency red alert eviction call that travelled though the media, mostly to observe and photograph.

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They also targeted a Socialist Alliance run bookshop Resistance in Ultimo with anti immigration posters in an obvious attempt to provoke political rivals.

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The AFP have been lingering on the sides of the Reclaim Australia movements, attending their rallies and leafletting. In Sydney, although keeping clear of the openly Zionist connections of mainstream Islamophobic movements, the AFP, due to its attempts to distance itself from Nazism as well, have been able to manoeuvre this quite well, being a dominant force on the first Reclaim in April 4 2015. Saleam and associates were leafletting Wynyard station prior to the rally and travelled with members of Squadron 88.

After Jim and AFP were removed from the latest Reclaim Australia rallies at the request of their organising leadership, AFP have vowed not to be involved in RA anymore, but have since built an alliance with the United Patriots Front, Jim and Neil Erikson being connected through the close ties between the AFP and Nationalist Alternative. They made a bizarre  video in which Jim speaks of his experience with Antifa terror and can relate to violence taken against “nationalists”, claiming that a link exists between Antifa and the state, in particular through the Labor Party. In his eyes Antifa is a collective of dumpster diving, dole scamming, lifestyle criminal, drug addicts who are somehow organised through the state funds of Tanya Plibersek. Bit off there i think.

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The AFP seem to be following the example of rival nationalist sect Party for Freedom, throwing their support behind their 10 year anniversary celebration rally of the Cronulla Riots, an idea we know old Jim has been flirting with for years now. The sad thing is, AFP members even imitated their RIP multiculturalism coffin gimmick, when members protested outside the Chinese embassy in Canberra on the 14th of September.

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In the weeks leading up to the third round of Reclaim and the Cronulla riot 10 year anniversary, the gloves are off. Instead of uniting, as is typical of the far right PfF and AFP are  turning on each other to slander and further their public profiles. Jim has targeted Nick Folkes, Ralph Cerminara and Shermon Burgess calling them Ziopatriots on account of their so called loyalty to Israel and Zionism. Is this yet another event Jim and his pack of backwater Nazi mates will not show up to?

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.19.35 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.20.11 pm

As a result of the ongoing feud between the AFP and the PfF, Nick Folkes released a video taken of senior party leaders Jim Saleam and Alex Norwick in the company of Squadron 88 members and other tin hatted cranks out from the sheltered workshop at a neo Nazi gathering. In the video provided below, Norwick states his allegiance to the Axis Powers (fascist Italy, Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany). So much for greatness of Australian nationalism.

Well well what have our favourite fascist sect been up to since then, the truth is not much, or, much of the same. Poor old Jim has been promising his 20 or so followers that their party will be registered and back in the polls soon enough. But the question is to do what exactly. Well judging by their Facebook commentary their main priority is to block efforts for some Chinese theme park in the Wyong area. What can we say, at least the AFP fun police have their priorities in place. Oh yeah, and they staged a series of protests in opposition to the retail chain Harvey Norman for employing Syrian refugees. Pickets numbering at three a piece were organised on the 13th of January in Auburn, the ACT and Adelaide.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.23.40 am.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.12.52 am.png

They have also continued with their ever-present campaign within the international far right movement to gain a sense of legitimacy, or in AFP’s case, recognition and visibility. They have continued efforts to join the international  neo fascist group the Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (lol). They seek to do this by promoting the FB pages of the larger and more established fascist organisations involved including Italy’s Forza Nuova, Greece’s Golden Dawn, Germany’s National Democratic Party, Poland’s National Radical Camp & Hungary’s Jobbik.

In a more domestic strategy, the AFP have pursued a sectarian attack throughout the rise and apparent fall of the so called “patriot” movement. According to Shermon and Neil, the AFP and their allies, namely Nationalist Alternative have attempted to infiltrate and subvert the patriot movement in order to hijack it. The tactic has been to flatter the big buff aryans of the UPF, flooding their pages with praise and feeding them information now and then. This has successfully created two camps being the patriots and nationalists (Nazis). They have continued to pump the usual sectarian line against the “Ziopatriots” (those who don’t hate Jews as much as Jim), targeting the usual rivals including Shermon Burgess, Nick Folkes, Pauline Hanson, Mike Holt, Danny Nalliah and the AFP’s favourite traitor Howard Crawford.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.42.40 pm

In early March a couple of the local Victorian crazies turned out at Pastor Danny’s Catch a Fire Ministries to get in 15 minutes of picketing and some good old fashioned Jew baiting. Dr Jim squeezed in a ceremonial visit on his way up to meet with his mate Blair Cottrell as well as a pat on the back for his ever diminishing support base. Of late, Australia First has put a large amount of emphasis on getting itself re registered for the upcoming federal election. It has announced its intentions of merging with the shadowy Western Australia branch of One Nation under ONWA president Ulrich Mehnert and the old fuhrer himself is dusting off his black SS uniform to contest the seat of Lindsay.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.12.37 pm.png


AFP hit a speed bump in mid May when they were threatened with legal action from the city of Ballaratt for their shameless appropriation of the Eureka flag. This is something the AFP have been doing since its conception in an effort to rebrand symbols of rebellion into fascist icons. As a result the group were finally disciplined for their illegal use of the symbol, which has provoked a bitter reaction from the AFP who have struck out against Australia’s leftist trade unions for their usage of the stockade banner. Although Dr Jim would point to a small pogrom against Chinese workers in the mid 1800s, the Eureka uprising was made up of over 17 different cultures and nations and its flag remains a symbol of liberty and rebellion. Hands off Eureka Nazi scum.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.04.44 pm.png

The AFP have stepped up their local campaigning, meaning more three man pickets outside Harvey Norman. They have decided that Bendigo is a new fertile breeding ground for white nationalism off the back of UPF campaigning. They have also gone out to a few places in Sydney’s Western suburbs namely  St Marys, Penrith and Rooty Hill to promote Jim’s hate with a cursive smile.

The Hitlerite rebels explain his campaign labelled ‘Stop the Lindsey Sell Off ‘as a humble fight against the system. His campaign calls for housing and jobs for Aussies first and an end to immigration and foreign investment. He has also followed the lead of his English ideological neo fascist equivalent and former BNP leader Nick Griffin in calling his Zionist enemies to war.

(Dodgy DIY fashprop)

(AFP banner drops)

The “nationalists” are busy buzzing around Western Sydney and online with a campaign that can only be described as divisive. A paranoid Jim is convinced that there is some form of kosher alliance out to get him (Liberal, One Nation, Australian Liberty Alliance), uniting together to prevent him from getting a smidgen of the fascist vote. In other words he has preemptively set up a conspiracy theory before he has the chance to come last at the polls. AFP are also running Susan Jakobi (Lalor) Victor Waterson (McMahon) John Kearney (Solomon) and two Western Australia candidates Brian McRea and Lyn Vickery, both former ONWA members.

(AFP members Nathan Sykes, James Smallcombe and Vic “the chicken whisper” Waterson cheer on Dr Jim at the Lindsay Forum)

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.44.15 pm.png

The AFP seem to have grown stronger, further splitting the patriots with the Nazis. They claim to be currently reorganising the Eureka Youth League, opening several new chapters in Toowoomba, Canberra and Perth. They have also reshuffled their online smear machine, shutting down Whitelaw Towers and replacing it with the United Nationalists Australia blog. Several of their members from Victoria and Sydney travelled to Coburg to take part in the True Blue Crews “stop the far left” debacle.  Members of the parties Bendigo chapter recently disrupted a peaceful march organised by the Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children with provocative signs, threats and other abuse.

(AFP Bendigo intimidating grandmothers)

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.59.02 pm.png

Well it turned out that the election was highly profitable for the AFP candidates, Dr Jim finished dead last in Lindsay with 1.2%. Jakobi also finished last in Lalor, Waterson coming in at second last in McMahon and Kearney third last in Solomon. Lucky Jim had already formulated a conspiracy explaining this result. Damn kosher nationalists!

The AFP are continuing their campaign in Western Sydney, setting its sites on council elections in Blacktown as well as Wagga Wagga. AFP candidates will be a Cassie Orrock for Blacktown and Lorraine Sharpe for Wagga. AFP activists have been active in the area of Blacktown with stickers, banners, leaflets Jim’s paper mache version of corflutes. Whats creepy is the fact that they photographed peoples mailboxes while putting in their pamphlets. If i saw one of those freaks with a camera out the front taking photos of my letterbox i wouldn’t know what to think.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.44.02 pm.png

As predicted AFP was a no dice in the recent council elections they contested, despite a endearing campaign. Jim and his helpers pulled out the AFP big guns including black and white stickers (likely printed in an asian printing shop), banners made from Jim’s bed sheets and a handful of leaflets. The received 4% of the vote in Wagga and just under 10% of the vote in Blacktown. Although these results reflect a sadly familiar pattern of failure for the AFP, it will also be a valkyrie of hope, deluding them to an extent that an increase of interest in their party is of some value, even in something as insignificant as a council election. Who knows, in the future they may be able to enforce white only parking in certain Australian owned shopping centres or something at this rate, in say, 100 years? Baby steps.

Antifascists in West Sydney cleaning up AFP mess in their area

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.58.14 pm.png

The pinheads over in the AFP bunker have been smitten since they claimed a victory over years of pleading with the AEC to grant them the right to use the Eureka flag. Despite the fact that no one else really notices or cares, it seems they wasted a lot of energy on something they could have used anyway. These are also the same pinheads who criticise others for appropriating the flag. A flag in which they did not create or have any connection to. A flag which is not their intellectual property yet kick up a shit storm and threaten defamation. This small loose bundle of twigs don’t seem to grasp is you need to prove that information is false as well as good character, which the AFP lack lock stock and barrel.

On the 17th of December the AFP organised a forum in Sydney on the Syrian refugee crisis. A paranoid Jim kept his cards close to his chest, not releasing the details of the forum until the last few hours before. The event was organised in conjunction with the marginal Love Australia or Leave party headed by Kim Vuga. Joining Saleam & Vuga on the speaking list included English neo fascist & former British National Party leader Nick Griffin (via Skype call) Russian Cossack Association of Australia leader Simeon Boikov and featured speaker Edmond Melhem, Australian representative of the fascist Syrian Social Nationalist Party. The event seemed poorly articulated and attended, riddled with organisational hurtles and blunders. All those fearing the rise of a 4th reich should sleep soundly.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 7.21.07 pm.png

Saleam, Kim Vuga & Simeon Boikov

In an effort to retain their relations with their new Russian nationalist mates, a handful of AFP members (Saleam, Sykes, Waterson, Smallcombe & Rollinson) attended a demonstration commemorating the assassinated Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov on Christmas Eve. The event was organised by their new mate Boikov and a handful of his Russian army cosplay mates at the Russian consulate in Woollahra, Sydney. Also in attendance were supporters of the Serbian Chetniks, fanatical Putin supporters and members of the Golden Dawn Sydney who spoke at the marginal gathering alongside Saleam.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 8.00.28 pm.png

The AFP have been about the party’s ever failing social movement building strategy, establishing several front groups disguised as “citizens” and “community” groups. In a shallow attempt to build a support base in Wagga, the AFP, under disgraced candidate Lorraine Sharp, have established the Wagga Wagga Citizens & Heritage Group which claims to act as a watchdog group set to undoing corruption within the Wagga council. Yea right guys. They have also reengaged in Penrith, establishing yet another poorly concealed satellite group called Civil Resistance. The intention of Civil Resistance is to oppose Chinese/ foreign development, the construction of mosques and the settlement of refugees in Sydney’s West as well as pour dirt over their rival Liberal controlled Protect Penrith Action Group, which the AFP were forced out of by the PfF.

Tentions came to a head on February 12 when the half steamed dumplings from Party for Freedom took a trip down to Jim’s Tempe bunker in Muslim drag. It seemed all of the AFP’s tough talking through their surrogate page United Nationalists Australia caught up with them as Nick Folkes cast of clowns scorched a reichsbanner out the front of their office. After lengthy incoherent rambling lost on bewildered passer-bys, a heroic Saleam hid behind his door in his own house to avoid being filmed. PfF members scuttled off, leaving Jim humiliated by the lowest common denominator of Australia’s far right. The idiots then cried wolf to non existent claims that PfF were to return the following weekend, calling all “nationalists” to defend Jim’s joint. Suffice to say nothing happened and the AFP remain a runner up for most pathetic far right organisation in Australia.

On the 6th of March members of Australia’s various far right sects converged in Melbourne for the case mentions of the self proclaimed “Bendigo Three” facing charges relating to vandalism and racial vilification. Along with the rest, the AFP trickled in ones and twos to support their horse Chris Shortis. Accompanying the former doomsday prepping comrade was party president Jim and his little helper Nathan Sykes who came in their Sunday bests.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 6.09.34 pm.png

Jim & Sykes

In mid march several flyers were distributed around the inner west of Sydney advertising an Australia First event. Tania Rollinson was the featured speaker at the event titled “White Women in the Australian Nazi Movement”, an ominous flyer which the AFP has denounced as a hoax organised by their opponents. The funny thing is Jim Saleam has spoken regularly at this venue in relation to a pro Assad Syrian group that meets there on a monthly. Whether or not their claims to it being a false flag propaganda operation by their embittered rivals in the “kosher nationalist” scene is unknown, but we at AFAS find it the last in a long line of conspiracies justifying their existence. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.22.15 pm.png

AFP flyer

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 6.18.58 pm.png

On the 29th of April the AFP hosted a small conference in Jim’s bunker AKA the party office (lol). Those attending the meeting would have been conned in true Saleam style. The even advertised the presence of Croatian American white nationalist intellectual Tomislav Sunic, but instead faced a barely visible pre recorded video, seeing as the AmRen author couldn’t be bothered with the Mad Arabs farce of an event. Attendees would also felt burned to have been asked to pay a $10 entry fee to sit in a dingy decrepit fortified terrace house on the Princess Highway alongside some of Sydney’s most deranged and delirious crack pots. Other speakers included resident gun nut preacher turned Nazi vlogger Chris Shortis and the worlds most overbaring father Perry Jewell, both AFP members.

Not quite Woodstock

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.49.49 pm.png


Prominent Figures 

Jim Saleam

Graeme Campbell

Diane Teasdale

Victor Waterson

Alex Norwick

Tania Rollinson

Nathan Sykes

Matthew Grant

Dennis McCormack

Darrin Hodges

Maurice Girotto

Aaron Heaps

Bruce Preece

Andrew Frazer 

Perry Jewell

Jim Perren

Welf Herfurth

Ross May

Mark McDonald

Brendan Gidley

Joe Ferguson 

Peter Schuback

Howard Crawford

Stewart McBeth

Luke Connors

John Moffat

Rob Fraser

Terry Cooksley 

Tony Pettitt

Martin Fletcher

Julie Head

Nick Maine


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  1. Ignorance breeds stupidity… none of these made it to a college. Hanging on tightly to their flawed perception of the past, poor imbeciles!


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