Australian Defence League

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The ADL are a far right nationalist street protest group. The ADL were formed in 2010 originally as the would be Australian chapter of the English Defence League. It was formed through the initiative of English immigrant Martin Brennen, who was soon after deported, ironically, due to immigration problems and overstaying his visa.

The ADL is one of the countries most radically anti Islamic groups. It is not a solid or well structured organisation, being more a loose collection of online hate speech zealots, video activists and active Facebook pages, all of which produce consistent death threats against Muslims. The groups two most visible figures were self-proclaimed leader and stolen valour artist Ralph Cerminara and Nathan Abela.

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(Nathen Abela)

Abela was known for his eagerness to throw himself into the way of a camera and doing interviews. As a result he gained a lot of attention, much of it from his enemies. On account of his activities his house was targeted in a drive by shooting in 2014. He has since denounced Cerminara as the fraud he is and has left the ADL. Ralph now has a new sidekick, teenage Zane Commins, who he has led to victory inside a prison cell.

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(Zac Commins)

They were active in organising protests alongside groups such as the APP and Party for Freedom against Islamic culture in Australia. They are active in posting death threats, targeted intimidation of Muslim women in burqas as well as vandalism of mosques and Islamic community centres. More recently they hosted the ‘halal free’ bbq on the 10th anniversary of Cronulla riots, as Nick Folkes more explicitly celebratory event was taken to court for racial discrimination.

Since Ralph’s fall from grace, there is a new fuhrer. Shermon Burgess has emerged as the ADL’s new shining face. Burgess, AKA the Great Aussie Patriot has worked through his video propaganda to promote and organise the Reclaim Australia rallies nationwide. He has motivated a long line of imitators and supporters. The ADL have had ties to neo Nazi groups who they support. It is aligned with the nationalist band the Eureka Brigade.

ADL in a nutshel

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.19.02 am

ADL nationwide membership, lol. UPF cheer squad from Brizzy

Prominent Figures

Ralph Cerminara

Shermon Burgess

Scott Moerland

T.J Obrien

Chris Rothwell

Julian De Rossi

Fay Hill

Luke Wharton

Martin Brennen

Craig Clifford

Daniel Evans


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