Australian Liberty Alliance

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The ALA is a far right political party. It was founded as a political front for the Islamophobic think tank the Q Society, a secretive network of anti Islam intellectuals, businessmen and suit & tie bigots. Ideologically, it is based on the populist liberal nationalism of Dutch politician Geert Wilders who has put his weight and support behind the party.

The group is the brainchild of American based Islamophobic activist Robert Spencer, being apart of his larger international “counter jihad” organisation Stop the Islamisation of Nations (SION). Its most senior leader is Q Society Debbie Robinson, who has travelled to Europe and met members of the EDL. The ALA/ Q Society are receiving funds directly from Geert Wilders and his party, who planned a tour to Australia in October last year to launch the party.

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(Smith, Wilders, Robinson, Gaynor)

ALA’s primary efforts are focused at banning Muslim immigration into Australia and the introduction of bans on Islamic religious practices, which it considers to pose a threat to the countries Judeo- Christian majority. Also apart of the parties agenda is to overturn laws against hate speech on the basis of “free speech”. Seems convenient for a bunch of anti Muslim bigots. Their most recent target was Navy Captain Mona Shindy, a Muslim women, whom they claim poses a national security risk on account of her faith. Nice one Bernie. ,

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Since its official launch, the small but well funded Wilders cult has put alot of energy into preparing to contest elections. They aren’t off to the dream start they thought they would be. Not only have they been denied commercial space from their assumed Tory mates in News Corp, they have failed to capture votes to the hard right of Liberal Party supporters. This is despite them imitating the policies of American far right populist Donald Trump, by calling for a 10 year ban on all those immigrating from a predominantly Islamic country.

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(UPF Perth members including Eli Jacobson, far right)

The ALA held a series of talks and meetings in an attempt to promote their party and build a support base. Key points they highlighted were the Liberal Party’s failure to protect traditional Australia and the family unit, taking aim at Islamic immigration, Safe Schools and political correctness. Oily little bigot Angry Anderson (personal friend of neo Nazi bonehead band White Lightning) aided in launching the party by acting as MC during its Melbourne meeting.

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Guess what! They dropped the ball in the 2016 federal elections, failing to get even one senator elected. I guess maybe these guys didn’t figure that running against about half a dozen far right parties with mirroring agendas (One Nation, Rise Up Australia, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party, Katter’s Australia Party, Citizens Electoral Council to name a few) might have been a bad idea. Well seems like no one really likes them anyway.

Prominent Figures

Debbie Robinson

Bernard Gaynor

Kirralie Smith

Andrew Horwood

Tony Robinson

Susan Horwood

John Bolton

Angry Anderson

Ralf Schumann

Daniel Jones

Daniel Archibald

Carl Halley

Stephen Roddick

Shaun Spain

Peter Kelly

Chelle Dobson

Marion Hercock

Ron Pike

Matt Darragh

Wanda Marsh

Rob Windred

John Spellman

Troy Duncan

Caleb Wells

Alan Biggs


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