Australian Protectionist Party

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The Australian Protectionist Party is a small far right political party. It was founded in 2009 by ex- Australia First Party member Darrin Hodges, former leader of the party’s Sutherland branch in Sydney’s Shire. The APP were ideologically devoted to anti immigration and Islamophobia and denounced the AFP’s anti Semitism. They were staunchly pro Zionist and often displayed Israeli flags at their events. They were featured in the ABC show “Dumb, Drunk & Racist”.

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The APP’s ideological model was more or less taken from Dutch liberal nationalist politician Geert Wilders, also taking inspiration from America’s Tea Party independent conservative movement. They claimed to be defenders of Western Judeo Christian family and cultural values. The group were known for counter protesting the pro Palestinian Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement and picketing Villawood Detention Centre calling for the government to “torpedo the boats”. APP members were also known for organising the Sydney white nationalist Ironbark Club and operate an online newspaper Destiny.

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The APP would collapse in 2012 due to a successful resistance against the party by anti fascist activists. The party’s political platform would later be revived by the Party for Freedom. Despite the fact that the APP has been officially disbanded, their FB is still active in posting anti immigration and anti Islam propaganda. Maybe Dazza is up to his old tricks again…….

It appears that the APP continue to exist under the leadership of Andrew Phillips and is now considered apart of the AFP’s loveable band of nationalists (Nazis). Although expressing pro Zionist early on in its life, the APP since its origin had always expressed forms of white nationalism. Its recent ideological shift from Zio patriot to full blown Nazis has been confirmed by former rival Australia First Party, with whom they are now closely associated with. On June 16th they hosted Graeme Campbell, founder of the AFP, at a party talk in Western Australia,

APP idiots in the hour of their twilight

Prominent Figures

Darrin Hodges

Nick Hunter Folkes

Andrew Phillips

Martin Fletcher 

John Moffitt

Mark Wilson

Teresa Van Lieshout

Troy Ellis

Nick Steel

Sergio Redegalli 

Terrie Ann Vernie

Ruby Jacenko


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