Australians Against Further Immigration

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A small right wing nationalist political party. It was founded in 1989 evidently to ensure stricter restrictions on immigration to Australia. The AAFI, unlike other far right groups, lacks a central thesis and a firm political doctrine that extends beyond anti immigration.

It lacked mainstream political success due to the public perception that the AAFI was a racist party. The AAFI went to great lengths to distance itself from the far right and other extremist parties who they felt were responsible for their lack of success. The party was dissolved in 2008. The group would go on to form the structure of the One Nation Party.

Prominent Figures

Robyn Spencer

Graeme Campbell

Dennis McCormack

John Moffat

Alex Norwick

Brendan Gidley

Terry Cooksley

Tony Pettitt

Rob Fraser


2 thoughts on “Australians Against Further Immigration

  1. Used to be his flatmate, we had severe political differences. His friend at the time Mark Wilson (BNP Fascist) whom I didn’t know at the time assaulted me severely, now 12 years later the marks are still on my face, suspect Alex may have encouraged that attack. During the two years I knew him hardly a day passed by when he wasn’t intoxicated, surprised he is still alive. Alex was a big fan of Hitler and Stalin at the time.


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