Blood & Honour

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B&H is an international neo Nazi organisation. It was founded in England in 1987 by neo Nazi bonehead leader and front man for the band Skrewdriver Ian Stuart Donaldson. B&H was formed as a music distribution, promotion and organising network that would be run directly by the neo Nazi scene rather than far right proxy party’s.

B&H stretches across the world, throughout the US, Canada, Europe and in other so called white countries, being the largest neo Nazi organisation world wide. It surfaced in Australia during the 90s along with the Rock Against Communism (RAC) music scene, promoting bands such as Fortress, White Lightning, Deaths Head, Open Season/ Kommando, Quick & the Dead, Blood Red Eagle, Bail Up!, Ravens Wing and others.

B&H has a close working relationship with the Southern Cross Hammerskins, co organising the Australian neo Nazi music festival Hammered.

Prominent Figures

Jim Perren

Kenneth Stewart

Welf Herfurth


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