National Action

A far right ultra nationalist political party. It was founded in 1982 by far right veteran Jim Saleam after growing out of a smaller group known as National Alliance, during the rising tide of ultra nationalist activity in the early 80’s. It defined its ideology as third position, taking influence from European and British trends. The National Action called for an immediate ban on non white immigration, the reinstatement of the White Australia Policy and the stripping of rights of Aboriginal people.

The NA has been accurately categorised as a neo fascist group and acted as the focal political force of Australia’s far right during the 80s. Saleam lost control of the NA in 1988 following a conviction of fraud, causing Michael Brander to take control of the NA. It became successful in recruiting skinheads into its ranks and clashed on several occasions with leftist activists. Most notably members of the NA took part in a drive by shooting of an anti Apartheid activist’s house. Due to police attention, lack of mainstream support and inner fighting the NA collapsed, existing now only as a minor newspaper.

During its prime, the group was known for raiding leftist meetings, brutal assaults and even arson attacks. The NA dissolved in the mid 90s due to legal pressure and its members settling disputes by killing each other.

Prominent Figures

Jim Saleam

Michael Brander

David Greason

Jack Van Tongeren

Patrick O’Sullivan

David Palmer

Alex Norwick

Terry Cooksley

Peter Coleman


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