National Anarchists/ New Right

A third position far right youth orientated movement. It was founded by German immigrant Welf Herfurth, a neo fascist activist. The group coins the ideology of national anarchism, combining anarchism with nationalism. Herfurth’s group has been influenced by the New Right ideology as well as the German Conservative Revolutionary Movement, being a half evolved form of crypto fascism. It expresses strong anti globalisation, racial tribalism and anti Zionist positions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.06.11 pm

(National Anarchists in Sydney attempt to infiltrate a pro Palestine rally)

The New Right are active in mobilising small demonstrations, notably attending protests against Communist China, Israel and APEC. Herfurth also plays a leading role in the organisation of Sydney Forum, a far right intellectual event co run by the Australia First Party. The New Right is also tied to the leadership and membership of other Australian far right groups including the Nationalist Alternative and the Australian chapter of Volksfront.

APEC 2007 (8).jpg

National Anarchists at the 2007 anti APEC demonstration

Due to Herfurth losing his social standing within the far right and subsequently leaving the country, the National Anarchist movement seems to have faded back into obscurity. Good riddance scum.

Prominent Figures

Welf Herfurth

Scott Harrison

Alex Annenkov 


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