One Nation

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A far right nationalist political party. It was founded in the mid 90s by party leader Pauline Hanson. Although formed in 1996, the ONP wasn’t registered until 1997. The rise of One Nation was engineered by two of Hanson’s closest companions, David Oldfield, the parties political mastermind and former stooge of Tony Abbott and David Ettridge, a businessman, key financier and the marketing genius behind the party’s media campaign and fundraising efforts.

(David Oldfield, Pauline Hanson, David Ettridge)

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One Nation employed right wing populist tactics, calling for protectionist economic reforms to limit foreign trade. The ONP emphasis on agrarian interests, stronger law enforcement and expressing support for socially conservative Christian values was also a part of this strategy. The ONP were known for sowing the seeds of discontent against the major parties as well as firm opposition to multiculturalism, targeting Asian immigration in particular. The ONP were also renowned for their hostility to Aboriginal land & civil rights, often claiming that white Australians were being shafted as a result of preferential treatment being given to First Nations people, comparing it to America’s affirmative action.

Due to their denouncement of the major parties, it attracted support from national conservatives which resulted in a number of minor defections from the more established right wing National and Liberal coalition. As a result of a highly active grassroots campaign Hanson’s Support Movement (PHSM), Hanson was able to be repackaged from being a nasty bigot to an average Aussie battler outside the political mainstream with an axe to grind against the major parties. 

One Nation enjoyed a surge of electoral success in the late 90s, fielding many candidates for the senate across the country. The ONP secured 9% of the national vote and as much as 20 % of the QLD vote in the 1998 federal election. During this period, Australia witnessed the most successful electoral peak of the far right, seeing the ONP rise to become the third largest party. Despite their success, the ONP had to contend with a strong anti racist protest movement that shut down their events at every turn, which resulted in several clashes. 

Although being primarily comprised of radicalised conservatives, there were more sinister elements within its ranks. The ONP from its early days was formed in the ashes of smaller xenophobic organisations such as the League of Rights and the Australians Against Further Immigration, who formed the framework of the party. The ONP’s Queensland branch was successfully infiltrated by members of the Confederate Action Party, who were active in the party’s leadership and policy writing. Their policy on Agenda 21 was taken from the old American far right organisation the John Birch Society.

Members of the ONP have had close ties with militant white supremacist organisations. Several attempts were made by members of the neo Nazi National Action group to infiltrate the ONP with mixed levels of success. National Action leader Michael Brander would go as far as to organise patrols of boneheads called the Boot Boys to act as a squad at One Nation events. It was also discovered that members of the Australian Ku Klux Klan were active within ONP’s membership.

Another of the groups shady constituents are the conspiracy theorists. Thats right. Tin foil hat headed clowns with outstanding internet bills. A large portion of the ONP’s support base are anti-tax types, NWO fetishists and gun nuts who fear everything from people of color to tap water. The ONP took interest in recent events, notably the Port Arthur massacre, using paranoid conspiracies (through ONP publications such as The Truth) to fuel their already radicalised supporters to comprise what could be considered Australia’s underground militia movement.

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Their success resulted in relentless efforts of rival right wing parties, notably the Coalition, to undermine the party. This was provoked through fear of the party robbing conservative parties of their classical electoral success. One Nation went into decline in the early 2000s due to party feuds,  power struggles and them being exposed for electoral fraud and corruption, resulting in the party going bankrupt. Following the ONP implosion, mainstream media was rife with stories from defectors of the parties undemocratic leadership structure: neo Nazis, criminal conspiracies, sex scandals and the whole shebang. This period was marked by infighting within the party, mostly between Hanson and Oldfield, with the latter being expelled from the party and establishing his own minor party One Nation NSW.

During the ONP’s decline it naturally struggled to run candidates or even to keep the party afloat. It re appeared in 2013, being brought into the spotlight due to the comments of two of Hanson protégés Stephanie Banister and Jacquie Lambie. To the dismay of the AFP, it seems she has returned to activism to change the tune of her favoured anti Asian racism to targeting Muslims instead. Unpredictable I guess but remember, according to Pauline, they aren’t a racist party.

One Nation members were involved in the organisation of several of the Reclaim Australia rallies that took place in Queensland. Noticing a growing support base, the ONP capitalised on this by changing its tune from being anti asian to anti Muslim. Fixed. Hanson was returned to the party leadership in 2014 and announced her intention to run ONP candidates in the 2016 elections. And to think we didn’t learn from right wing populism the first time round.

(Hanson addressing 1st RA rally, Brisbane)

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Her campaigning looks a little different this time round with an already existent grassroots far right protest movement in Reclaim Australia. A lot of her campaigning for the election was carried out by far right social media personality Shermon Burgess and self proclaimed ex Nazi Neil Erikson. Both men have expressed their adoration and support for Hanson and the ONP, referring to her as “the mother patriot” following their exodus from the United Patriots Front. The two make videos promoting the ONP’s policies and slandering their political opponents.

ONP did well in the 2016 federal election, claiming 5% of the vote. Hanson won her senate position alongside Brian Burston (NSW), Rod Culleton (WA) and Malcom Roberts (QLD). As a result the party has received a lot of coverage from the mainstream media, who have slandered her whilst validating her views. This is not dissimilar to media practice in the Howard administration, utilising sensationalist race baiting and aussie battler rhetoric to soothe her morally depleted support base.

In late 2016 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation aligned with the Liberals, Derryn Hinch and a handful of other right wingers to pass the ABCC, an anti union watchdog commission that empowers members of the government controlled body to wilfully prosecute unions and their members. In effect, the ABCC does everything short of criminalising unions and forms of industrial action, sidelining the very purpose for workers representation.

The ONP have been in for a headache in the last months of 2016. One of their four senators Rod Culleton defected from the party, followed by an epic drama battle in the media between him and party leader Hanson. The two exchanged insults and loaded comments as to who was to blame but if one thing is certain it is that this all looks like the 1998 soap opera all over again, how predictable.

Since their election into the senate, Hanson & her fellow ONP senators have sworn to become the voice for Australians outside of the Labor and Liberal paradigm. Despite this, the ONP have aligned themselves with the Liberals in introducing the ABCC, welfare cuts and the scrapping of penalty rates. They also have cut several shady preference deals with the Liberals during elections.   The self proclaimed little battler party at odds with the political establishment is becoming more farcical by minute. Although it should be no surprise that the ONP is a morraly bankrupt party for the most deciptful bigoted gang in Australian political cesspool.

The ONP have gone about on some crazy tangents during their time in senate, going on far fetched rants against the UN, racial vilification laws, climate change and even vaccinations. But its ok, they wanna legalise weed. In the 2017 Western Australia state elections, despite the ONP’s predictions for a landslide victory fizzed, receiving around 5% of the vote, dropping from 20%. This happened in spite of the party endlessly campaigning under the “protection” of the white nationalist UPF. The spineless lightweights would go on to cowardly blame their decision to team up with the Liberals.

Hanson believes in vaccinations from 1.6 billion people, but not from actual diseases

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Prominent Figures

Pauline Hanson

David Oldfield

David Ettridge

Rosa Lee Long

John Pasquarelli

Scott Balson

Tony Pitt

Bruce Whiteside

Tom King

Steve Dickson

Peter James

Heather Hill

Jim Savage

Malcolm Roberts

Troy Aggett

Brian Burston

Graham Burston

Brendan Ball

Rod Culleton

Ian Nelson

Shan Ju Lin

John Fischer

Judy Smith

Harry Black

Bob Vinnecombe

Bevan O’Regan 

John Cumming

Peter Archer

Lex Stewart

Dean Mackin

Carter Edwards

Geoff Virgo

Lynette Keehn

Damian Huxham

Simon Roylance

David Archibald

Neil Smith

Rod Smith

Steven Burgess

Robert Pasquali

Angelina Nicolis

Brad Trussell

Fraser Anning 

Elise Cottham

Peter Rogers

Michelle Pedersen

Phil Baker

Peter Georgiou

Ioanna Culleton

Kate McColloch

Robyn Spencer

Graeme Campbell

Alex Norwick

Bill Feldman

Jacquie Lambie

Mike Holt

Perry Jewell

Welf Herfurth

Leanne Rissman

Brendan Gidley

James Ashby

John Groves

Bill Flynn

Jeff Knuth

Ian Petersen

Frank Hough

Santo Ferraro

Elisa Roberts

Len Spencer

Rozane Bezuidenhout

Shaun Nelson

Joseph Wayne Smith

Jack Pratt

Dorothy Pratt

Charles Rappolt

Ken Turner

John Hutchinson

John Kingston

Peter Prenzler 

Len Harris

Paddy Embry

Tony Pettitt

Tania Rollinson

Victor Waterson

Elizabeth Power

Louise Kedwell

Elsie Chapman

Stephanie Bannister

Dennis McCormack

Mark Ellis

Rick Putra

Richard Eldridge

Cameron Bartkowski

Andy Semple

Shermon Burgess

Neil Erikson

Aaron Heaps

Mandy Chapman

Terry Cooksley

Stewart McBeth

Aaron Plumb




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