Q Society

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Q Society is a anti Islamic organisation. It was founded in 2010 by a series of activists who collectively banded together to oppose the rise and influence of Islam in Australia. It is headed by Debbie Robinson & Andrew Horwood. The Q Society is closely associated with leading American Islamophobic activist Robert Spencer, who is a member of the group and helps sponsor its efforts.

The Q Society is a grassroots group, active in organising petitions, letterbox drops, discussion groups, forums and events in relation to the dangers of Islam. The group are known for pressuring local government and councils to take action against the Islamic community, including banning burqas, blocking construction proposals for Islamic buildings and houses of worship and other things of this nature. The group were instrumental in organising Geert Wilders Australian tour.

It is the largest private funder of far right Islamophobic causes in Australia and is well connected to a similar networks overseas. Much of its propaganda has come from Christian fundamentalist Jack Chic. They were seen distributing Islamophobic propaganda at the Reclaim Australia rallies through their political front the Australian Liberty Alliance.

Since the devastating failure of the Q Society’s ALA political project, the group has retreated back into the shadows to maintain its behind the scenes anti Islam network. In early February 2017 the Q Society organised two dinners in Sydney and Melbourne to fundraise for its leading figures who are being taken to court for charges of defamation by a major Halal company.

The first of the fundraisers took place on the 9th of February in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde at the local RSL. The almost elusively white audience huddled together and exchanged sniggers and jeers at Muslims and patted each other on the back as if they were apart of an exclusive majority as well as rebellious minority (?) that elected AMERICAN president Donald Trump. Those in attendence included Q Society senior figures Debbie Robinson, Kirralie Smith & Bernard Gaynor, Gary “Angry” Anderson, Gabrielle Lord, the tree hate propagandists Bill Leak, Paul Zanetti & Larry Pickering and former Liberal MP Ross Cameron. Both Pickering & Cameron gave speeches expressing extreme hatred towards Muslims and LGBTIQ people.

The second event was organised in Melbourne, the following night. Those expected to address the Q Society event included former Liberal senator Cory Bernardi and Nationals politician George Christensen. Both men, despite their roles within the coalition government, are outspoken far right politicians. Anti racists took to the streets and tactically blocked a bus full of Q Society supporters from attending the dinner. The bus was successfully stalled for an hour and a half before being allowed to travel to its destination.

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Q Society bus blocked

Prominent Figures

Debbie Robinson

Andrew Horwood

Susan Horwood

Ralf Shumann 

Kirralie Smith

Peter Callaghan


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