Restore Australia

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Restore Australia is a far right nationalist organisation. It was founded in 2014 by veteran Charles Mollison but is currently headed by former One Nation politician Mike Holt. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Restore Australia was involved in several grassroots campaigns against Islam, most notably they were involved in the campaign against the development of the mosque in Bendigo.

Restore Australia sees itself as working to inflict constitutional changes in Australia. It wishes to draft a new constitution based on the needs of Australians today. The group is based primarily online, operating the website and also claims to operate its own radio show. It operates a front organisation called the Foundation of National Renewal as well as the Concerned Citizens groups.

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Restore Australia is engaged in an attempted culture war against Islam. They produce propaganda such as the stickers above and have also attempted to use social media. The group was active in organising the Reclaim Australia rallies on the Gold Coast.

(Easily one of the weirdest political promo interviews I’ve seen.)

Prominent Figures

Charles Mollison

Mike Holt


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