Rise Up Australia Party

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RUAP is a far right populist Christian fundamentalist party. The party’s leader Daniel Nalliah founded it in 2013 with the support from British climate sceptic, wannabe nobleman and UKIP member Lord Christopher Monckton. It was formed as a socially conservative party off the back of Nalliah’s Catch the Fire Ministries in opposition to the middle class left wing party’s like the Greens dominating the senate. Rise Up claim to defend family values & call for a larger Christian influence on the government in Australia.

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(RUAP loons)

Rise Up has also incorporated nationalism into its core ideological doctrine, calling for extreme limits on immigration, in particular Muslim immigration. Rise Up have been criticised as a far right party with strong racist, Islamophobic and homophobic overtones. Its slogan Keep Australia Australian, says enough about the party’s aims and objectives. Its members and leaders were involved in the organising of the Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne, and participate in a series of Christian campaigns including the anti-abortion March for the Babies.

The party advocates the outlawing of homosexuality, abortion and the teaching of evolution. It also calls for bans on immigration and the practicing of Islamic faith and religion.

(The sort of nonsense expressed by the RUAP)

RUAP are close collaborators of the United Patriots Front, helping them organise the October rally in Bendigo. They have discussed interest in forming a political alliance with the UPF in common opposition to Islam.

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(Life inside a ultra nationalist Christian fundamentalist predator cult)

RUAP continue to play a vital role in lending political, financial and organisational support to an array of far right causes including: the PfF organised 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla Riots in December, the PEGIDA rally in Canberra on the 6th of Feb as well as ongoing Reclaim Australia and UPF events.

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(Good to see a party with priorities, you know, tackling the most pressing and relevant issues of the day, lol)

Danny and his band of apocalyptic hate preachers were a leading force in mobilising opposition to the construction of a mosque in Narre Warren in Victoria. Unfortunately for them, the council rejected plans for the mosque, meaning there is no chance for them to spearhead a populist and opportunistic campaign. I’m sure they will take credit for it anyhow.

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RUAP have continued their support and enforcement of the neo fascist UPF and their new surrogate street gang True Blue Crew. They made up a good half of the numbers during the national flag solidarity rally that took place in Melbourne’s CBD in late June. A group of Islander blokes affiliated with the RUAP turned up to do the Haka and participate in gang bashing an anti racist after the rally.

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Despite running over 20 candidates in the 2016 election they failed to harness any success at all.


It comes of no surprise to hear of the recent predicament the RUAP have found themselves in. Catch The Fire Ministries was stripped of their charity status on account of their violation of the 2013 Charities Act which prohibits charities from promoting a certain political party. Seeing as their political front RUAP have been asking for tax deductible donations from their congregation and diverting it into the accounts of their party, they may be forced to pay over 500 000 in tax.

Prominent Figures

Danny Nalliah

Rosaline Crestani

Scott Moerland

Yvonne Gentle

Melanie Vassiliou

Peter Vassiliou

Anthony Hardwick

Norman Baker

Jeff Truscott

Sandra Caddy

Vincent Ferrando

Henry John Barnard

Nick Steel

Paul Barbieri

John Kelly

Sherrilyn Church

Ferdie Verdan

Silvija Majetic

Pam Hecht

Tim Kriedemann

Jan Pile

Joyce Khoo

Tracy Bell Henslin 

Margaret Quinn

Nadia Seaman

Kevin Seaman

Sadie O’Connor

Phillip Raymond Baker

Raymond Hungerford

Colin Robertson

Jimmy Gimini

Brian Clare

Patrick Winterton

Lynette Hannie

Marie Nichols

Sheila Mundy

Peter Dorian

Angela Dorian

Sandra Caddy

Paul Taylor

Yasmin De Zilwa

Tim Middleton

Charles Rozario

Neroli Mooney

Jennifer Speer

Leanne Price

Mitchell Sambell

Stephen Carson

Jonathan Willy Eli

Robert Lawrence Dudley

Yann Le Grand

Alison Rowe

Ana Rojas

Brian Tucker

Philip Scott

Lin Treganza

Yasmin Gunasekera

Taffy Samuriwo Vuntarde

Regina McCarthy

Ashwin Puvimanasinghe

Helen Rashleigh

Jennifer Whately

Robert George White

Tran Tran


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