Southern Cross Hammerskins

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SCHS is a neo Nazi bonehead organisation and the Australian wing of the US based Hammerskin Nation. The SCHS were formed by Australians who visited America to be patched in to the HSN. They enjoy a close relationship with the Australian chapter of B&H, organising events and promoting music, notably the annual Hammered music festival. SCHS are also involved with Stormfront Downunder.

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(Hammerskin logo)             (Crew 38 logo)

They operate a probationary group known as Crew 38, which is made up of the organisations new and not “fully patched” members. The group imitates the structure of a bikie gang, even calling itself a brotherhood. They say Quality not Quantity because they have about 10 members. The group are basically inactive aside from organising their music events. Members were involved with Reclaim Australia in Melbourne, assaulting counter protesters.


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Prominent Figures

Kenneth Stewart 


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