Southern Cross Soldiers

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.39.07 pm

The SCS was a nationalist youth orientated gang that appeared in the wake of the Cronulla riots. It was comprised of common criminals who exert pride in race and nation through their exaggerated display of national symbols and conceiving a threatening appearance. The SCS have white power skinhead, bikie and adlay type elements, and endorse violent action against enemies of Australia. Members of the SCS can often be identified through their wearing of synchronised hoodies. It was closely associated with a smaller group called the Full Blooded Skips, who were present at the recent Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne.

They adopt the image of an American styled gang, producing hip hop tracks and the home boy look. This has earned them criticism and distancing from other nationalist groups who denounce them as cheap imitators and assorted thugs. The SCS comprised a large portion of the ADL membership and also participated in violence during the Cronulla Riots.

The SCS gained attention from a Sydney Morning Herald article in 2008. 15 year old Tyler Cassidy was shot dead by police, who was an alleged member of the group, earning the group press coverage. Today the SCS are largely inactive.

(laughable nationalist rap)


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