Sydney Traditionalist Forum

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.41.44 pm

A small paleo conservative organisation. The group surfaced in 2012 by a series of self proclaimed conservatives who adhere to the more traditional interpretation of the ideology prior to neo conservatism. The group exists primarily as a small intellectual and literary organisation that seems to operate almost exclusively online. It has targeted young university students for its membership.

The Sydney Trads, despite claiming to be a conservative group, also has large far right elements within its ethos, promoting neo confederate, white nationalist and anti Semitic material. The Forum has also been publicly praised by Liberal member Cory Bernardi and acts as a tiny intellectual satellite group for the right wing of the party. They are also a staunchly monarchist organisation with close ties with the Australian Monarchist League.

Prominent Figures

Michael Warren Davis

Morgan Qasabian


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