Creativity Movement/ World Church of the Creator


The Creativity Movement is a white supremacist spiritual/ religious movement that was founded in 1973 in the United States. Creativity believes that their god is their race and they worship it above all else. They believe that whites are the creators of all that’s good in the world and all others are mud races living off the achievement of whites and on borrowed time.

Creativity has spread across the world in a minor way, reaching as far as Australia. The group are primarily active online and are very small and fragmented. People who are involved with this movement are David Innes, Chris Smith, Colin Campbell and Scott Harrison, all of whom are engaged in a feud with Patrick O’Sullivan, who claims to be the official and only leader of the ‘Creativity’ movement in Australia.

(Some coherent perspectives from old Pat)

Prominent Figures

Patrick O’Sullivan 

David Innes

Chris Smith

Colin Campbell

Scott Harrison


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