White Pride Coalition of Australia

This was a small internet based organisation run by several neo Nazi activists. It was formed around 2003 by two now well-known online based figures in the Australian neo Nazi scene, Peter Campbell and Jim Perren. It is associated with members of the Creativity Movement, Australian Nationalist Movement and Australian KKK.

WPCA was noted for possessing some of the most vile kind of far right material which had little to no intellectual value. It openly celebrated the Holocaust and distributed extremely racist propaganda. It also functioned as a small online forum for fellow racists to share their hateful little plots and schemes.

The site was noted for publishing information on how to create nail-bombs and encouraged neo Nazis to commit acts of terror against their racial and political opponents. They also organised leaflet and letterbox drops on a few occasions. The webpage is largely inactive and now defunct.

Prominent Figures

Peter Campbell

Jim Perren

Jack Van Tongeren

Patrick O Sullivan


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