Whitelaw Towers

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A white supremacist/ neo Nazi website. It was created in 2010 as a successor to the blog Victor Whitelaw by the former administrators of the White Pride Coalition of Australia, namely Peter Campbell and Jim Perren. The page is noted for its slander and misinformation campaigns it runs against the left as well as the typical ZOG fetishism, trying to link “the Jews” to every conspiracy and global catastrophe. It operates both a Facebook page and a wordpress.

Whitelaw Tower’s MO is targeting and “outing” left wing anti fascist activists, including the editor of the Slackbastard WordPress. It collaborated closely with the neo Nazi run webpage Anti Antifa Australia, hosted by Chris Smith. The two have currently merged into the same entity. WLT is very closely linked to the Australia First Party and is considered to be the party’s dirty website. It also operates as a information network for the tiny online neo Nazi community.

WLT is currently engaged in ongoing feuds with enemies of the AFP, whom they identify as Ziopatriots. These are people who Jim Saleam used to refer to as civic patriots or conservatives. In other words the ones who don’t hate Jews enough. WLT are also affiliated in secret with the UPF and have written creepy and obsessive blog posts praising their buff aryan crush Blair Cottrell. They are engaged on his behalf to write hack jobs against ziopatriot groups such as the Australian Patriots Army and their leadership.

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Anyone that has ever bothered to look at the WLT material, which by the way, has a steady growth of 300 likes over the last 6 years, would notice a shift in its general content. WLT existed once upon a time to publish the neo Nazi hate mail and fantasies of a few bedroom Nazis eager to fulfil their desires for supremacy and importance. Its sole purpose was to target left wing and anti fascist activists via online intimidation. Over the last few months their targets have shifted entirely, focusing almost exclusively on those on the same side as them including Shermon Burgess, Neil Erikson, Nick Folkes, Ralph Cerminara, Mike Holt, Howard Crawford and Scott Moerland. The reason being that WLT perceive them to be Ziopatriots and hence are rivals to the neo Nazi control over the “patriot” movement. Funnily enough all WLT targets are Jims enemies too.

On a surface level, yes, the blog is utterly irrelevant with diminishing fanbase. WLT produce somewhat comical digs made by the most sinister and tough talking Nazi keyboard warriors, which I’m sure they see as being their appeal. They don’t hide the fact that they hate Jews, blacks, Aboriginal people, homosexuals and pretty much everyone. WLT serves a purpose as it airs the movements dirty laundry and has become one of the smallest yet funniest online crying pools known to man.

The WLT Team (Lol get your hand off it Jim) announced that they will be shutting down. Sad. I must admit that their self loathing and defeatist writing style was amusing at times. As were their divisive tactics, which helped to bring down the patriot movement. The handful of active online Nazis have appeared to have reorganised their brownshirts and launched a new online initiative United Nationalists Australia. All the same faces I’d imagine. Good night and good riddance.

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Prominent Figures

Nathan Sykes

Peter Campbell

Jim Perren

Chris Smith


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