Tim Andrews

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Tim Andrews is what you would call a conservative grass roots activist. He personally identifies as a libertarian conservative in the tradition of Edmond Burke. He began his activism in his teens, being active in several student groups that were closely associated with the Liberal Party, which he eventually joined. Andrews spent time in America where he worked closely with libertarian advocate, Republican member and lobbyist Grover Norquist. He also worked for the Koch brothers as a researcher for its climate-sceptic program.

Upon his return to Australia, Andrews resumed his involvement in the Liberal Party. He became closely associated with Cory Bernardi and the right wing of the party. The two would continue to work together to create a form of cultural conservatism, resembling the American Tea Party movement. Andrews is one of the key figures in the New Right conservative movement, being a prominent member of the H.R Nicholls Society, a conservative think tank that work towards total deregulation of the economy and disempower unions. Through this group he operates its website Menzies House (named after former conservative PM), Reclaimaustralia.com, Closethetentembassy.com (a website devoted to the closure of Aboriginal tent embassies nationwide) Stop Gillard’s Climate Tax and Support Bolt (dedicated to defending racist shock jock Andrew Bolt).

Andrews is a leading climate-sceptic and opponent of climate change campaigns.


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