Welf Herfurth

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Herfurth is a German born neo Nazi activist and prominent figure in the far right. Herfurth was born into a family with Nazi sympathies. He lived in Iran during his youth where he witnessed the Islamic Revolution in 1979. He went on to join the German far right political party the National Democratic Party of Germany. Whilst involved with the NPD, Herfurth went about establishing an international network of far right activists. Due to what he defined as political pressure, he left Germany for Australia.

Upon his arrival in Australia, he joined the nationalist political party One Nation, where he worked directly under David Oldfield as his number two. Herfurth became active within the neo Nazi movement. He became associated with Jim Saleam and his Australia First Party, co organising the annual Sydney Forum. Herfurth also had close ties to the underground neo Nazi network Blood & Honour.

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In the following years, Herfurth would remain an active figure within the Australian far right. He founded his own group the New Right, a collection of self-proclaimed national anarchists, a group that was involved in several provocative demonstrations and slapping up the occasional sticker. Herfurth gained a following of boneheads around him, acting as a mentor to several young neo Nazis.

Herfurth was also the founder of the Australian chapter of Volksfront, an American based neo Nazi bonehead gang. Recruiting his fellow national anarchists into the group, Herfurth organised and funded the group out of his own pocket. He and his groups would be defined by the central neo Nazi B&H/ SCHS groups as an outcast and was shunned by them. He would also fall out of favour with Jim Saleam. He currently lives in Epping in Sydney’s North Shore.




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