Patrick O Sullivan

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Patrick O’Sullivan is a dangerous Melbourne neo Nazi. He entered into the scene as a white power bonehead. He joined the militant far right group National Action in the late 80s where he became involved in its neo Nazi wing. It wasn’t very long before he was expelled from the group for so called obstructive activities that were detrimental to the advancement of ANA. He was also friend to life time neo Nazi criminal Dane Sweetmen.

He became closely associated with two renegade and wacky Sydney based neo Nazi activists  David Palmer and Peter Coleman, being involved in setting up an Australian version of the Ku Klux Klan. O’Sullivan is best known for his bitter and violent feuds with other neo Nazi activists and leaders. He was imprisoned in 2001 for stabbing a fellow neo Nazi bonehead at a party.

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The man currently claims to be the leader of the Australian franchise of the World Church of the Creator, referring to himself as a reverend. Among those he has engaged in feuds with include Jim Saleam, Michael Brander and all other Australian based Creativity activists as well as two American neo Nazi leaders being Bill White (former NSM leader, webmaster of and current leader of the ANSWP) and Matt Hale (former leader of the Creativity Movement). These days, old Pat keeps close contact with Melbourne’s Combat 18 boys, who have taken him on as their fuhrer.

Patty has been up to his old tricks again, sneaking around in playgrounds at night and putting up “Death to Refugees” and “C18” stickers. How creepy and pathetic.

(Patty trying to articulate himself, tryyyying)


3 thoughts on “Patrick O Sullivan

  1. I was the guy he stabbed at the party. I was not a “neo nazis bone head ” at all. I was when I was about 18 back in the eighties for about a year. Which was what started the fight. I smashed him and his four mates. I have been an active member of the trade union movement and other various left wing organisation’s for many years.
    The fight started over me telling him that he was Irish . Not German .
    To be a nazi you have to pure “Aryan ” Which then he seemed to be confused and hit me. I drove them out of the party. He then stabbed me from the side . I then chased them off. He stabbed me three times then ran away with his little fucktardox mates.
    At the time I was a shop steward for the ASU. Hardly a “fellow bone head”
    As for being dangerous, lil patty ? Baaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa. Like most of the fash, he is a cowardly mental pygmy.
    So please, in future, research the facts before you post up non truths. I will and and always will. Bash the fash! Non pasaran !


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