T. J Obrien

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Torin Obrien is a nationalist blogger and activist. He is the president of the Queensland chapter of the Patriots Defence League Australia. Orrin is also connected to the Queensland chapter of the Australia First Party.

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Best known for slandering his rivals in the Australian Defence League on Facebook, Obrien can also be referred to as the twitter queen of the PDLA, posting selfies of him pulling angry faces at Muslims. He is currently involved in a feud with old ADL rival and Reclaim Australia/ United Patriotic Front fuhrer Shermon Burgess in which he claims he has done more for the patriot movement than Shermie. Boohoo.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.18.27 pm.png

(TJ with Pauline Hanson)

Recently GAP alleged that TJ was a former member of the Southern Cross Hammerskins whilst in Melbourne and was behind the stabbing of an Aboriginal person. It was alleged he was forced underground prior to resurfacing as fuhrer of the PDLA. Whether GAP’s claims are true or not are unconfirmed, but the Nazi stabbing story is about as believable as Shermie being a total fucking crackpot.


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