Dane Sweetman

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.06.20 pm

Sweetman is an Australian neo Nazi bonehead and convicted criminal. Sweetman had an extensive criminal past during his youth, being in and out of various correctional facilities for an array of crimes including break and enter, armed robbery, assault, attempted murder, sexual assault and possession of deadly weapons. He was imprisoned in the 80s where he became a devout neo Nazi bonehead, going as far as to form his own group known as The Guard inside prison which boasted having sympathetic members of the prison system within its ranks.

Upon his release Sweetman turned his violent nature towards his political beliefs. He was responsible for a vandal bombing campaign, fire bombing a synagogue and an ongoing list of assaults against immigrants, blacks, Asians, homosexuals and the punk scene. He was imprisoned in 1991 for the brutal murder of fellow neo Nazi David Noble, striking him in the head with an axe and stabbing him to death. Whilst in prison he became a target by other inmates for his aggressive sexual assaults committed on younger male inmates.

Sweetman was paroled in 2005 and began to again attract a following of young neo Nazi skinheads who idolized him for his fearsome reputation in Melbourne’s criminal and far right underworld. He was later re arrested for more violent crimes.


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