Jack Van Tongeren

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Peter Joseph Van Tongeren was a Perth based neo Nazi terrorist commando active during the 80s. Jack began is involvement in the far right as a member of National Action. He attempted to infiltrate the groups leadership and change its ideological direction. He rose to become an influential and leading figure in ANA, heading what was known as the neo Nazi wing of the party.

Due to a power dispute between Jack and the then neo fascist leader Jim Saleam, he left ANA. He founded his own organisation the Australian Nationalist Movement, made up of his radicalised disciples. The ANM began distributing extreme racist, anti Semitic and xenophobic posters and pamphlets across Perth. It would later embark on a violent urban terror campaign which included car theft, armed robbery, assault, vandalism and arson attacks, targeting leftists and Asian owned businesses.

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Jack and his gang became notorious nation wide for their violence and terror. He was soon arrested and put on trial in 1989, where he was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in prison. He ordered the murder of two of his former associates whom he suspected were police informants.

Following his release, Jack returned to the white supremacist movement, linking up with the White Pride Coalition of Australia. He began to organise more arson attacks before being re arrested in 2004 and briefly imprisoned. His current activity seems to have subsided.

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(Old Jackie boy these days)


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