Tania Rollinson

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Tania Rollinson is a deranged woman within the far right. Based in the Sydney suburb Parramatta, Rollinson ran as a candidate on behalf of One Nation in the 2013 federal election. She later became associated with the Party for Freedom where she was known for attacking peaceful protesters at a May Day march in 2014.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.03.57 pm

(Rollinson on the right, the handsome specimen next to her is her poor suffering son)

Rollinson is currently a member of the neo fascist Australia First Party. She ran as their candidate in the 2015 state election for the Hawkesbury region.

At the Sydney July 19th Reclaim Australia rally poor old Tania and her dear leader Jim Saleam were thrown out of the Reclaim Australia rallies after being labeled infiltrators by RA organisers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 6.19.15 pm.png

Tania attempted to organise an event at Bexley RSL, distributing hundreds of leaflets across Sydney’s inner west promoting it. The leaflet read “White Women in Australia’s Nazi Movement” which also claimed to be Tania’s first time addressing a public forum. Local news organs caught on to Rollinson’s letter, which resulted in the venue pulling the event. I guess an RSL hosting a pro Nazi event is a little on the nose.  When asked for comment, Rollinson didn’t follow her boss Jim’s direction in blaming political rivals, but a shadowy (non existent) Asian criminal syndicate that she believes to robbing and spying on her.

Not jobs own words

“How I the victim was made into the perpetrator. How I fought back against this criminal syndicate. How I went after these people putting together an elaborate plan to catch them and how I drew them back into a dragnet by painting a target on my own back.
“This resulted in an Asian community, Muslims etc and the criminal syndicate and the State watching my every move.”


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