James Gilhome

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.36.00 pm

Gilhome is a Islamophobic activist based in Tasmania. He became active in Islamophobic activism after becoming a fanboy of Shermon Burgess. He then became involved in the Reclaim Australia movement, playing a leading role in the organisation of the Tasmania, Hobart rally.

Gilhome, a man who seems to be a big lost boy, joined up with the UPF, most likely to be a part of something. He played a prominent role in funding the organisation out of his own pocket, paying for that camera that Neil Erikson carries around with him.

He has since become disillusioned with the UPF and has turned on them. Gilhome, seeing from the inside the true fascist character and nature of the UPF, claimed to have been lied to and manipulated by them. He is behind the UPF Exposed Facebook page that outed Shermon Burgess’s family as drug addicts, his father being a pedophile and Shemon’s youth adventures which included gang bashing the homeless in Cooma. All that can be said about Gilhome is he is an unstable character.


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