Hellenic Front

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The Hellenic Front is a neo Nazi Facebook group that was created in 2014. It exists as a front group for the Golden Dawn in Sydney. The group promotes Golden Dawn’s Australia wordpress, run by old mate Iggy. The group claim to have a presence in St George and Marrickville, though they haven’t been sighted in the day. Rather their style seems to be more about photo ops in abandoned parks, with in hoods, at night. Tuff guys.

Aside from macho posturing, posts from the Hellenic Front have included such ignorant crap as below, calling feminism a modern Jewish conspiracy.

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Its most active figure seems to be a guy calling himself Chris Dounis, who got into a bit of strife at a Rabbitohs game: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/south-sydney-rabbitohs-give-the-boot-to-member-over-scum-banner/story-fni3gki8-1226718570947

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(Chris on the bottom far right kneeling)


George Christensen

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Behold George Christensen from Mackay, Queensland. Christensen is an MP (Dawson) and far right politician deeply enmeshed in the right wing of the Liberal National Party. He rose to notoriety while writing for a filthy little rag called The Student Advocate, a right wing publication that espouses bigotry and ignorance. Whilst editor, he published highly anti Semitic material, complaining that new Christian interpretations of the bible “put less emphasis on the fact that the Jews killed Christ”. He went further with sexist remarks including “The truth is women are stupid. and thats that”. Since his early clerical fascist years, this repugnant weasel has slimed his way into Australia’s murky political system, standing in federal elections for the National Party and the state elections for the Liberal National Party.

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This weasel is a close political ally of former PM Tony Abbott who rushed to defended his “mate” when information leaked about his sexist anti Semitic views. Christensen’s political ideals are largely driven by his Orthodox Christian views. He is also incidentally extremely Islamophobic. He endorsed the tour of Dutch far right politician Geert Wilders, being the only member of parliament to attend his forum. He called for the immediate deportation of Muslim’s protesting anti Islamic videos and was the first to attack the #illridewithyou anti racist campaign as a “typical lefty campaign”. He advocates conspiracy theories relating to Halal certification funding terrorism, creeping Sharia law and the existence of an anti white agenda engineered by “immigrants” and “lefties”. He is a supporter of the Reclaim Australia rallies, which Christensen was an active organiser and participant in. This bundle of joy also calls for the imprisonment of all environmentalist activists including Greenpeace and Greens members, calling them “terrorists” and encourages the return of capital punishment.

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Christensen spoke at the Reclaim Australia rally in his local Mackay, which he helped promote and organise. He could be seen as the most prominent political figure to address any Reclaim rally across Australia. In more recent times, Christensen has come out in parliament with an attack on the Safe Schools program, designed to educate kids about LGBTIQ sexuality and reduce bullying in schools. Christensen has gone out on a limb and denounced the program as a front for pedophilia and an attempt to groom children for gay sex. Seriously mate, dive head first into an empty swimming pool.

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The obese Tory pig has continued to upstage himself as candidate for the worst human being in the country. During his election campaign to retain his seat in Mackay, he welcomed the support of disgraced former PM Tony Abbott, who intended to jump on the campaign trail. He also managed to find time to drop in and support extreme right anti Muslim lunatic Bernard Gaynor from the rival Australian Liberty Alliance.

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Christensen is one of those sensationalist blokes that can’t manage to keep its snout out of the press. His most recent little stir up was to take an axe to state welfare spending, proposing a US-styled 6 months and your out scheme. The privileged little pig holds no secrets when it comes to his total indifference to people outside of his circle, targeting the young and old of Australia’s working class. This man seems to believe that the threat of being cut off from benefits in 6 months will force people into the work place and off their ass. Good attitude there mate. I guess you have never met a single mother, student, pensioner or mentally ill people before.

His transparent lack of moral fortitude is also evident in his endorsement of the sugar industry. Christensen comes from a long line of cane farmers who have worked in the industry for years. Christensen, who’s interests in this field are well known, is a staunch defender of sugar and denies its threat to peoples health and its contribution to diabetes, earning him the nickname “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

Christensen managed to hold onto his seat in the election, despite his misanthropic attitudes. Although it is currently unclear, it is likely he will become involved in Cory Bernardi‘s new political initiative the Australian Conservatives.

George getting cosy with Pauline Hanson

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George Christensen and his mate Bernardi have vowed to support far right anti Islam activists of the Q Society in their defamation cases. Christensen and others have thrown their weight behind the group, helping organise several meetings across Australia in 2017. He appeared at their Melbourne fundraiser in early February as a special guest and speaker. He has also hinted towards his endorsement of a new right wing populist party formed as a splinter from the Liberals.

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Christensen with Kane Miller leader of far right True Blue Crew

The Sugar Plum Fairy has continued to associate with the extreme right of politics following his split from the LNP. He appeared on an alt right podcast called The Convict Report aka The Dingos, a Sydney based blog connected to the larger American white nationalist/ neo Nazi  blog The Right Stuff.

Eureka Brigade

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Eureka Brigade is an ultra nationalist band. It was founded in 2013 by Shermon Burgess AKA the Great Aussie Patriot. The band was heavily influenced by the neo Nazi music genre known as RAC (Rock Against Communism), evident in its musical style and vocals. All members of the Eureka Brigade are members of the Australian Defence League.

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(Shermie with bandmate Alex John Wentworth, a bloke who has expressed his patriotism by scoffing 12 meat pies in two minutes, when not calling for Muslim pogroms and race war.)

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Eureka Brigade are known for great classic hits such as ADL Killing Machine, Shit on a Mosque and Border Patrol, where they express interest in blowing up refugee boats and killing asylum seekers at sea. The band has done a lot of promo music videos for the Reclaim Australia rallies as well as the UPF.

This video is a cover from the Aussie neo Nazi band Fortress, but they aren’t Nazis though?

Prominent Figures

Shermon Burgess 

Glenn Anderson

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Remember this moron? This is Glenn Anderson, a bonehead from Melbourne. He made his debut when he was photographed several times in a “skinhead 14 88” t shirt at the first Melbourne Reclaim Australia rally.

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He was later spotted in heat at the anti communist rally on the 31st of May organised by the United Patriots Front. Despite old Shermie’s claims that they are not a Nazi group, he was filmed marching side by side with this bonehead throughout the event.

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Anderson has since been denounced officially by the UPF, due to them being exposed as a neo Nazi front, in an attempt for them to distance themselves from being labelled fascists. It has since been claimed by the UPF that Anderson has made contact with Sydney neo Nazi group Squadron 88.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.41.39 pmScreen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.42.11 pm

Guess who made it back to the third UPF rally without being dealt with by its leadership? Mr Anderson, only this time bringing with him a fantastic home made sign. Nothing like a bit of Nazi DIY.

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After being booted from every rally he has turned up to Anderson is bitter and isolated. A film surfaced of him jumping out of a truck he was driving to attack a group of cyclists for complaining to him that he almost ran them over. Charming guy.

Buddy Rojek

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This baby faced melon headed idiot is Buddy Rojek. Rojek was originally a member of the Palmer United Party, running as a candidate for Corangamite in Victoria. He was later expelled by the party for being a naughty boy, promising to throw a massive party upon his election victory complete with models and prostitutes to be enjoyed by loyal supporters and volunteers.

Since falling out with old Palmer, he has gone from Rojek to Reject. He has nestled in with the ever diminishing “patriots” movement of Shermon Burgess, attending the United Patriots Front rally against communist councillors in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond on the 31st of May. He has now become one of the many zombie type patriotic video activists under the title Aussie Patriots Swarm?, set up with a cheap Aussie cap and confused sense of bewilderment regarding the collapse of their movement.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.33.14 am

(Buddy loses his hat to some cool cats)

Since Richmond, Rojek seems to have spiralled into darker place’s, now identifying as a National Socialist (Nazi), awaiting his chance to become the next fuhrer of Australia. Jesus just when you thought you had enough of little fascist sect leaders this guy has to come along and make another bed on your proverbial floor.

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A deranged  yeti spotted at Reclaim 2, yea the kind of guy you would expect to see lingering out the front of kindergartens, the nazi creep.

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Buddy continues to make entertaining videos where he professes his ever lasting love for Adolf Hitler & the Third Reich. Buddy was found handing out leaflets for his one man group the Australian National Socialist Workers Party or some crap at the Bendigo rally in October. He had his rubbish confiscated and was removed from the protest by anti fascists, with whom he attempted to provoke a fight with in front of cops.

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(See ya later, National Socialists, lol.)

Buddy continues his quest for infamy and relevance. He has continued to post videos on the UPF page where he has attacked them for being an unintelligent, unorganised pack of “cunts” who need to step out the way so Buddy and well Buddy can take the reigns. It grows more farcical and comical by the day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.44.04 am

(Everyones favourite Jewish neo Nazi)

F’n Aussie

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The F’n Aussie is a Great Aussie Patriot wannabe. He used to make anti Islam videos where he would be drinking, swearing and being offensive to Muslims in an attempt to glean some internet fame. Because being a racist drunk bogan is f’n Aussie?

During the UPF/ Reclaim Australia split the F’n Aussie aligned himself to Reclaim. He criticised the UPF for being too violence and ‘un-Australian’. The UPF who had already claimed all video bloggers for themselves quickly denounced the F’n Aussie as a traitor and smeared him as a rock spider (Paedophile).

F’n Aussie, much like fellow exile Voysey, is still active as a Facebook personality. He continues to  spread anti Islamic sentiments independent to the larger right wing community. Here is his self professed and incoherent ethos.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 7.08.10 pm

Matty Ljubic

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Ljubic is a Croatian neo Nazi based in Melbourne. He is most likely involved with the Melbourne Croatia mob; a group of neo Ustase spoiled brats, that think its edgy to spout hatred against Jews, Gypsies, queers, communists and Serbians. Apparently, he was present at both the Reclaim Australia and 31st of May rallies, where he participated in violence against “lefties”, well at least thats what he claimed online.

Ljubic and his MFC mates continue to be a no show at rallies, leaving their Ustasha pride at home.