Leanne Rissman

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.42.24 pm

Rissman is a Queensland based far right extremist and committed racist activist. Funnily enough, she is also a police officer, serving as a Senior Constable within the Townsville region. She has also stood as a One Nation candidate in Townsville. She is known for letting her political views cross into her profession, as do many of her less than tolerant colleagues, but even then, Rissman is a special case.

Using the pseudonym Sharia Ann, Rissman moonlights as an online hate campaigner. Among those she racially demonises are  Muslims, Aboriginals and immigrants; whom she describes as “tax sucking thieves”  and “human waste”. As a cop, she is also known for mocking Aboriginals who have died in custody, even saying that black deaths in custody  are minority cases.

Rissman was responsible for a harassment campaign against Aboriginal activist Joyce Capewell. Online, she unleashed a wave of racist attacks upon her, calling the First Nations people oxygen thieves and filthy primitives.


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