Chris Rothwell

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Hey Guys!!! It’s Chris – you know, Chris from the ADL. You know Chris, right? Rothwell is a Brit based in Brisbane who goes around on FB claiming to be the new so called president of the ever diminishing ADL. I guess Ralph has let that one go because he claims to be in strong support of the UPF, who often share this idiot’s videos, you know the videos when he promises to bring “400 ADL soldiers to Melbourne”. Remember when that happened? Cause I thought he was the only member………



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Nazi low rider riding dirty

Slasha AKA “Salisha” is a Lebanese, physically disabled, meth addicted neo Nazi. Yeah, really, not a joke. This little turd resides in the Sydney suburb of Newtown, often dismissed by hipsters as a harmless eccentric local, seen whizzing up and down the streets, blasting NSBM (national socialist black metal) on his scooter. He is a regular at various metal gigs.

Slasha’s pad in Newtown is occasionally used as a drinking den for various neo Nazis, drug addicts and other warped people that find it ideal to drink with this guy in a small dingy public housing flat with Hitler shrines for serenity.

For some reason the master race of S88 seem to think drinking with an “Arab drug addicted crippled dole bludger” is somehow consistent with national socialism. We find it just as amusing as you.

Kent Bayley

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Kent Bayley is a far right radio talk show host. He has a segment on the Gold Coast community channel 4CRB called We The People. On his program, Bayley often talks about his crack pot right wing views which include his firm opposition to immigration (“Fuck the Refugees” I think were his words), his firm anti Islamic views and his constant homophobic conspiracy theories.

Bayley is closely associated with the likes of Bernard Gaynor, whom he reveres as an Australian hero. Bayley, like Gaynor, has spoken of a “homosexual agenda” in the Australian military. Bayley spoke at the Reclaim Australia rally in the Gold Coast on the 19th.

Louise Kedwell

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Louise Kedwell is a far right activist based in Sydney. She is a member of One Nation and has stood as their candidate several times on behalf of the Western Sydney suburb of Chifley. Kedwell is engaged in several nationalist campaigns including the protests against the council development of the Penrith Islamic community centre and the Reclaim Australia rallies.

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(Kedwell in the company of Squadron 88 members)

Elizabeth Power

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A Sydney based nationalist activist. Power is a member of One Nation, standing as their candidate for Chifley in 2013. She is an active grassroots Islamophobic and anti-immigration campaigner, being involved in protests against the development of the Penrith Islamic community centre and in the Reclaim Australia rallies, she is also closely tied to the Party for Freedom and Australia First.

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(Power with Tania Rollinson)

Power at Marrickville in mid-2014

(Power at Marrickville in mid-2014)


(Power with weird pig hat)

James Lawrence

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This weedy little dork is Jimmy L, a wannabe bonehead from Melbourne. Lawrence is primarily active on Facebook and Youtube but does attend rallies with the United Patriots Front, which he is a member of, despite their strict no-Nazi policy. Hmmmm. He claims to be a supporter of the white supremacist religion Christian Identity, which views Jewish people as the spawn of Satan, non-whites as mud races and Jesus as a persecuted white man. Pfffffttttt.

This Frankston local and so called Skinhead Battalion 88 member has spent time in several psych wards, which has awarded him with that classic eerie school shooter vibe.

Home made vids:

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(Jimmy and his bonehead mates with GAP at the Richmond UPF rally)

Lawrence appears to be chummy with the leadership of the UPF, which he follows around like a lost puppy at rallies, and briefly posturing as a bonehead afterwards away from Shermie, before being picked up by his mum after the rally. White power…

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(James Lawrence with Fergus Hunt on his way home from a big day out with the UPF)

This idiot has given us more info on his neo Nazi connections than you could imagine:

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Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.55.05 am.png

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