Mark Lenthall

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An Australian far-right activist. Lenthall was involved with the Australian Defence League. He later went on to join an ADL splinter group, the Patriots Defence League Australia. He currently co-leads the South Queensland PDLA branch, alongside T.J Obrien and Daniel Sutcliffe.


Shannon Wallace

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Shannon Wallace is a member of the Victorian branch of the Patriots Defence League Australia, and is officially considered one of their regional leaders. There was an awkward moment when he attended a UPF rally in Bendigo and, whilst absolutely sloshed, denounced fellow PDLA leaders T.J Obrien and John Abberton as incompetent. The video was released on the UPF page in an attempt to slander and defame their somewhat insignificant rivals. Lol. He is also affiliated with the neo-Nazi bonehead internet group Skinhead Battalion 88.

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This idiot was present along with a few other PDLA drongos at the PfF organised anti Halal protest in Melbourne on the 3rd of April. He and his brave comrades were heard screaming no surrender as they turned and ran from anti fascists who confronted the fascist demonstration.

In more recent news, it appears our dear Shannon has died. Although we cannot say one way or the other how this occurred, we are aware that his funeral was poorly attended, being organised in part by the Party for Freedom. Geeeez, if PfF members were the only ones to turn up to my funeral i would be guttered and utterly ashamed of myself. But thats just me 🙂

Craig Clifford

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Cliffy AKA “Cliffy the Infidel” is a prominent member of the Patriots Defence League Australia, formally involved in the Australian Defence League. Cliffy was involved in the organising of Reclaim Australia and is the PDLA’s senior organiser within Sydney. He is also involved in organising the PDLA’s merchandise.

Basically, this 50 something creep is in the habit of uploading very crude and sexually explicit photos of young women alongside his violent hatred for immigrants and Muslims. He, like other patriot video heroes goes to great lengths to present themselves as bogan as possible. The only problem with poor old Cliffy, aside from his unfortunate looking face, is that despite having started about 10 different FB pages dedicated to his own ego (for self promotion purposes, of course) is that he has an incredibly marginal following in an already marginal movement. Sad, even for a dirty old perv.

Darren Norsworthy

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A fascist inbred from Geelong, Norsworthy and his mate Damian Kourevellis lead the Victorian branch of the PDLA. During the July 18th Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne Darren, Damian and there mate got stuck between a rock and a hard place when they attempted to cross an antifascist picket line. After they were sent packing Norsworthy had a whinge to the police after losing his bag and trucker cap.

Norsworthy is connected to a network of neo Nazi boneheads that call themselves Skinhead Battalion 88

Damian Kourevellis

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Kourevellis is a member of the Patriots Defence League Australia. He and two of his mates came upon hard times when they thought they could walk straight through anti-fascist counter-protests on the 18th of July 2015 during the Reclaim Australia rally (note his ripped jumper). They fled into the arms of police who guided them to safety. Kourevellis, like many PDLA/ ADL English wannabe pricks are very fond of typing NFSE (never fucking surrender ever). This wasn’t the case when he and his mates piss-bolted behind police.

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This piece of shit was guilty of bashing his partner in 2009 and threatening to blow up her house. So much for being against domestic violence.