Toby Cook

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Toby Cook is a deluded neo Nazi kid who hangs around with the balding beer gutted fascists in Party for Freedom. He likes to posture as a tough guy, misunderstanding that strength does not come from smashing four big mac meals a day. He was seen marching around Newtown intimidating a group of queer people at a train station before quickly boarding back to Macquarie Fields High School.

Tobes at  the first Reclaim rally

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Not much is known about this Regents Park local except he talks a lot of shit online and acts tough from behind police lines. Ah well, good luck to him. Toby seems to have other problems. This kid is a fanboy of the British neo Nazi group National Action, quoting the organisation’s mantra “It will take bullets to stop us” in an interview with SMH journalist Tim Elliot prior to the PfF’s Cronulla riot memorial rally.

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The sad thing about Toby is, by neo Nazi standards, he is not white. Cook is half Indian, his maiden name being Singh. Oops, thats awkward. Maybe he should rethink that White Pride World Wide tattoo his mum won’t let him get anyway.

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Hmmmm. I think at this point any respectable parent would be worried about Toby. Doesn’t anyone else think its strange that this young fella spends all his time hanging around a group of balding, beer-gutted, weird old men espousing white nationalism? Surely there must be something more interesting to do. I mean, if we are honest, Nick Folkes is one creepy dude.

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Seems like all that wobbling about with those big signs has made Toby tired. The poor guy couldn’t stand for the majority of the PfF picket to counter the Palm Sunday pro-refugee rally, spending the two hours flat on his arse. Not a good look for the moral fortitude (lol) of the PfF when their 10 members (literally)  can’t stand up for their cause.

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Toby turned up to Coburg in Melbourne for a fight with the lefties, sporting a t-shirt of the neo Nazi group the Golden Dawn. Problem is, Toby wound up at the back of the fray hitting himself in the head with a flag pole. Didn’t quite seem like it was worth the trip. Cook would be denounced by the Golden Dawn days later at the request of the AFP for being mixed race. Lol.

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The idiot has continued to bring shame to himself and everyone who buys XXXXXL. He turned up to the PfF rally in Blacktown with a confederate flag after calling the suburb a “negro ghetto”.

In recent events, it appears that the big boy has gone from Cook to Cooked. He was discovered in a Darlinghurst nightclub called Masif (which Toby frequents on weekends) off his chops. Cook has since found himself the star of several entertaining yet educational films that highlight the dangers far right extremism has on young minds.

Toby and his mate George Jameson travelled down to Melton for the True Blue Crew rally (which was really a walk to the park for a drinking session). Although it seemed like Jameson was keen for a little PfF dress up/play date, Toby dressed more respectable and even went so far as to make a speech. The only speech that wasn’t filmed and promoted by the group. Lol.

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Nick Folkes’s loyalist pet continues to indulge his master in further explorations of exhibition and cosplay, todays theme being clowns. The two stooges fucked about in Rozelle with signs promoting the PfF rally in Melbourne’s Eltham. Toby also seems to be now proudly sporting an overtly neo Nazi tattoo which must prove awkward for some of the PfF’s Jewish members, not to mention Toby’s Indian parents or Toby himself. It is visible in the picture below as well as a pricey looking flag they bought online. Cheers for funding Antifa you tits!

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 3.51.42 pm.png

Toby putting his money where his mouth is

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Tobes continues to be a regular fixture at Party for Freedom events, often seen nervously pacing around as if trying to communicate anxiety in a game of charades. Toby and the rest gobshites rallied on the 21st of January to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump. Following the rally, Toby and co took a wander to Sydney University’s graphite tunnel where he tossed up some short lived celtic crosses and other assorted Nazi slogans. Toby was in the company of Penny Louise, a PfF member recently moved to Sydney from Adelaide. Seeing as Toby and Penny are the only members under 50, the boys eyes seem to be off the prize and on his “compatriots” cleavage. Charming.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 4.04.27 pm.png


Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 4.17.01 pm.png

Totes appears to have become woke AF to the alt memes for Hitlers dreams, calling for book burnings and appearing publicly with a white power flag at all rallies. Geez if the Nazis hadn’t appropriated the celtic cross already, they might have a case for cultural appropriation.

George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party

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Tobes was among those responsible for the sexually perverse phone calls perpetrated by the PfF, targeting elderly women in Kim Vuga’s Love it or Leave Party. The steaming turd of a boy is also a big fan of celebrating terrorism and mocking the victims of the Charlottesville attack on anti racist activists.

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