Phill Galea

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Phil Galea is a neo Nazi activist from Melbourne. He was a prominent organiser of the Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne and was one of the administrators of the movements Facebook page. Galea later became a supporter of the United Patriots Front and became involved in the groups activities and organising. Galea was busted on more than one occasion bringing weapons to patriot rallies.

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In 2015 Galea’s house was raided and they found bomb making materials, mercury and several illegal tasers which were intended to be used against anti racist protestors at Reclaim rallies. The man has since been reduced to mumbling anti Muslim conspiracy rants in the period between court appearances whilst being marched into a squad car. Lol. Fucking loser.

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(Galea giving Nazi salute)

Galea has remained a highly active member of the far right, being closely associated with the UPF, PDLA and the TBC. His house was raided once again in August 2016 as part of a Victorian anti terrorism operation in the search of illegal weapons. Police discovered bomb making material and a manual dubbed the “Patriots Cookbook” which included several explosive devices. His targets included the Socialist Alliance run Resistance bookshop and the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The incident drew interesting responses from various far right camps; with both TBC and Shermie distancing themselves from him. The only person to defend him was  Neil Erikson who claimed Galea to be a pawn of an anti white agenda. After his numerous arrests on terrorist charges, maybe this one might stick.


Elijah Jacobson/ Kevin Coombes

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Jacobson (real name Kevin Coombs) is a neo Nazi activist from Perth. Tubby was active in the small anti Islamic group Wanted and the Reclaim Australia rallies. He has been an active member of the United Patriots Front since its formation, attending the Richmond rally in Melbourne masked up. I thought only cowardly lefties wore masks?

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(Jacobson with Linden and Shermon at the Richmond rally)

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(Eli at Reclaim)

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(Eli with Kim Vuga)

Jacobson has flogged some story about being an apostate to Islam, formally being known as Abdullah Islam, which means he has the right to hate all Muslims. He travelled to both Melbourne and Sydney for the 18th & 19th of July Reclaim Australia rallies. He has since risen to become number two in the Perth UPF’s chapter under the neo-Nazi lunatic Dennis Huts.

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Jacobson appears to be more than just a backroom UPF thug. He seems to be connected to a vast array of far right organisations. Above, he is pictured with the membership of the more moderate organisation the Australian Liberty Alliance.

Jason Shallcross

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AKA Jay Truozi is a far right activist and troll sieg hailing from Melton, Victoria. The big man is known as an active online troll and serial harasser of those opposed to the patriot movement. Shallcross is a prominent member of the United Patriots Front and was awarded with one of their weird little pennants by fuhrer Blair Cottrell. Sad. He played a prominent role in organising the Melton Reclaim Australia rally.

Shallcross and former UPF scum chum Linden Watson were caught in a little trolling incident when fake dating account “Skylah” was created. The two creepy perverts were snared when they sent dick pics to a fake account they believed to be a young female supporter. Problem was, there wasn’t much to see at all. Lol.

Kirralie Smith

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Smith is a Sydney based anti Islamic activist & politician. She entered into political activism being aligned with the Christian Democrats. She went on to found her own website Halal Choices, which acts as a kind of watchdog group for Halal products in Australia, claiming to be providing your average consumer with information on Halal products. Some of Smith’s reasons include opposition to the so-called Muslim tax and Halal funding terrorism. Yawn.

Smith was involved in a bizarre weight loss program claiming that Halal was indeed bad for your health and fattening. She has also been attached to campaigns where businesses with Halal certification are being bullied and harassed into dropping their certification and so called appeasement to Islam. So in reality, Smith isn’t concerned about violent jihad, she fears Islam is going to flood and dominate Australia via your grocery shopping. Lol.

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(ALA defensive line Bernard Gaynor, Debbie Robinson and Smith)

Smith is a member of the shadowy anti Muslim advocacy group the Q Society and has since joined their political front the Australian Liberty Alliance and will stand as their Senate candidate for NSW.

Kirralie and a handful of her associates from the Q Society are currently engaged in a defamation suit for her ongoing anti Halal campaigning, slandering companies for funding terrorism and an array of other charges. She has called upon several of her mates in the Liberal Party to help organise several fundraiser events across the country in 2017.

Matthew Grant

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AKA M. Grant is a mysterious neo Nazi from Canberra. Grant, a self described Scottish Presbyterian(?) prides himself as a intellectual of the white nationalist movement. He is a contributor to the white supremacist editorial The New Observer. Grant linked up with Canberra Reclaim Australia organiser Dan Evans to organise the PEGIDA rally, that took place in Feb 2016. Bit odd for nationalists and patriots to be swapping numbers, isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.53.40 am.png

Evans and Grant

Grant self identifies as a Christian nationalist, most likely an attempt to align himself with infamous American anti Semite Gerald K Smith, who coined the term. This is basically a revisionist (white supremacist) form of Christianity that claims that Jesus was not a Jew and that a Christian state must be formed in the stead of secularism, for Christians only. He gained a small amount of attention when he spoke at the UPF Bendigo rally on 10/10/15. They have however tried to keep his stage presence there hush hush, seeing as it’s not politically savvy for the UPF to share a platform with a blatant neo Nazi.

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Grant is the leader of a small online neo Nazi group that calls itself Generation: Tradition. Grant describes this group as a nationalist fraternity of young people. I guess the Adolf Hitler speeches are just for show then. Grant was interviewed by the Australian edition of The Daily Stormer where he explained his interest to move to rural NSW to create nationally liberated zones, kick out all non whites and fortify the country from foreigners. His online material is closely associated with the AFP and WLT.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.46.56 pm.png

Seems like he likes to dress up like his heroes, racist serial killers!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.44.45 pm

Just joking, only random psychos who throw acid on mixed race couples

Other pet hates of Grant include homosexuals, race mixing and Melburnian’s. Yea that last one is correct, though we have no idea wtf he is on about. This unique form of tribalist fascism has led him to be exposed as the operator of the neo Nazi FB troll page Abhorrent Australian Memes. Derp.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.59.23 am.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.01.55 am.png

This idiot has since become fully immersed in the activities of the Australia First Party. Grant was since appointed as national leader of the Eureka Youth League, the AFP’s non existent youth wing. Gee, thanks Jim! He has put much effort into organising this group on Facebook, but appears to be struggling a bit. It is also likely that Grant has been added to the contributors of neo Nazi website United Nationalists Australia.

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Wanda Marsh

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A South Australian based anti Islam activist. Marsh was a founding member of the Reclaim Australia movement. She got her 15 minutes of fame when she appeared on a Channel 7 segment on the RA movement, aside other founders John Oliver and Catharine Brennen. Although not seeming like a key figure in the movement structure, she claims to have helped make banners and other material.

Following the collapse of the  RA rallies, Marsh has resurfaced as a SA senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance. I guess they got sick of old John Bolton.