Australian Patriot Army

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The APA is a far right organisation founded in 2016. It was established as a splinter from the United Patriots Front after its leadership was exposed as being neo Nazis. Bit late in the game for that isn’t it? APA is the product of Shermon Burgess, Neil Erikson and presumably Shemon’s older, fatter and drunker shadow Ralph Cerminara.

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The APA claim to embody the true ‘patriot’ movement, ostensibly because they hate Nazis as much as the left and Islam and they really love the ANZACS n shit. They do a lot of videos encouraging their non existent supporters to vote One Nation. The group have planned to launch their first rally on May 1st in Sydney, protesting against Islamic fundamentalist Imam Hamza. Probably won’t happen aye.

The problem is, it seems the APA aren’t much without Shermie & Neil, who appear to have ditched the group within the first week of founding it. It has since been left in the hands of Tommy. Yea i dunno either, but the video below should explain all. Lol.

Prominent Figures

Shermon Burgess

Neil Erikson 

Ralph Cerminara