Jason Shallcross

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.36.41 am.png

AKA Jay Truozi is a far right activist and troll sieg hailing from Melton, Victoria. The big man is known as an active online troll and serial harasser of those opposed to the patriot movement. Shallcross is a prominent member of the United Patriots Front and was awarded with one of their weird little pennants by fuhrer Blair Cottrell. Sad. He played a prominent role in organising the Melton Reclaim Australia rally.

Shallcross and former UPF scum chum Linden Watson were caught in a little trolling incident when fake dating account “Skylah” was created. The two creepy perverts were snared when they sent dick pics to a fake account they believed to be a young female supporter. Problem was, there wasn’t much to see at all. Lol.


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