Phill Galea

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.54.56 am.png

Phil Galea is a neo Nazi activist from Melbourne. He was a prominent organiser of the Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne and was one of the administrators of the movements Facebook page. Galea later became a supporter of the United Patriots Front and became involved in the groups activities and organising. Galea was busted on more than one occasion bringing weapons to patriot rallies.

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In 2015 Galea’s house was raided and they found bomb making materials, mercury and several illegal tasers which were intended to be used against anti racist protestors at Reclaim rallies. The man has since been reduced to mumbling anti Muslim conspiracy rants in the period between court appearances whilst being marched into a squad car. Lol. Fucking loser.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.39.18 am

(Galea giving Nazi salute)

Galea has remained a highly active member of the far right, being closely associated with the UPF, PDLA and the TBC. His house was raided once again in August 2016 as part of a Victorian anti terrorism operation in the search of illegal weapons. Police discovered bomb making material and a manual dubbed the “Patriots Cookbook” which included several explosive devices. His targets included the Socialist Alliance run Resistance bookshop and the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The incident drew interesting responses from various far right camps; with both TBC and Shermie distancing themselves from him. The only person to defend him was  Neil Erikson who claimed Galea to be a pawn of an anti white agenda. After his numerous arrests on terrorist charges, maybe this one might stick.


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