Howard Crawford

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Crawford is a Western Sydney based far right head kicker and behind the scenes hatchet man. Crawford was formally a member of the far right Australia First Party but was later removed from the party for unknown reasons (don’t take Jims word for it). Crawford would move on to find a place in the Liberal Party, becoming one of their most significant organisers in the Western Sydney region.

Crawford played a significant role in the organising of the Protect Penrith Action Group through the Liberal Party under Liberal councillor Marcus Cornish. Crawford was a major power broker and organiser in the anti Mosque campaign, helping organise two rallies against the proposal for an Islamic centre.

Crawford is known more for his role in the Liberal Party but not for his extra caricular activities. He helped found, fund and organise the tiny neo Nazi group Squadron 88. Under Crawford’s instruction, the tiny band of deadshits pranced around in camo pants and bomber jackets in the height of the 2014 Penrith summer with white pride world wide flags and Nazi salutes.

Crawford’s plans for S88 were beyond cos play, however. It was revealed he was using them as his private thugs, for intimidating his opposition and even paying for them to establish a kick boxing gym. The man with the shady source of income was using them to bully pro Mosque elements within the council, planning to send them bomb threats and initiate a vandalism campaign against them. He is also closely connected to Nick Folkes and is the man behind the scenes of the  PfF, who are engaged in a feud with his old mates and new enemies the AFP. He closely linked the PfF with S88 and saw their members attend PfF rallies and attend seminars.

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(Crawford in the company of Mark McDonald and a distant Nick Folkes)

Old mate was swindled by the AFP to attend a blind date with a member of Socialist Alliance. During this meeting it was revealed that he saw his old mate Nick for what he is, a dumb ass with a big mouth and was plotting to replace him as head of the PfF. They had hidden cameras and leaked footage of the meeting. It would take a REAL dumb fucker to be taken in by an AFP swindle. So yeah, meet Howie.


Tina Lesenko


Lesenko is a neo Nazi from Wyong, NSW. She is involved in the Australian chapter of Women for Aryan Unity, a group primarily based online, which connects a wide network of fascist first wives across the world. Below are screen shots from her Facebook. Brace yourself for yet another Hitler fetishist with morbid delusions of self importance and superiority.

Lesenko is a supporter of the Ukrainian neo Nazi militia Azov Battalion

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Alex Annenkov

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AKA Alex Kachko is a Sydney based neo Nazi. This self styled Russian hipster is more accustomed to dressing up in fancy clothes and prancing about in the Ivy, Northies and other upper class yuppie establishments, instead of getting grubby with the likes of his bonehead mates.

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Annenkov appears to have been active in Sydney’s neo Nazi movement for the last few years. He was involved with Welf Herfurth‘s small National Anarchist project, turning up to their attempted disruption of a pro Palestine rally in November 2013. A clumsy Annenkov was all too keen to post pictures of himself getting searched by police (his first arrest) to impress the thumb twiddling closet fascists he associates with online.

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Annenkov is a member of Squadron 88 and was seen fraternizing with their members at the Penrith anti mosque rallies organised by the Protect Penrith Action Group. He was among the four-man S88 legion (lol) that boarded the UPF bus in Sydney en route for Melbourne for the July 18 rally along with Ross, Mark and Clive Jehn. When Ross and Mark got the boot from the bus at Albury, Alex and his mate Clive remained on and went to the rally.

Annenkov’s views on land rights

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Annenkov with fellow S88 member Clive Jehn

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Annenkov is most most likely a contributor to the AFP run neo Nazi FB page United Nationalist Australia. He also appears to have surfaced as the new active face and recruiter of whats left of the dying S88 circle. Fantastic!

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Annenkov continues to linger on the outskirts of Sydney’s far right scene, lurking various white supremacist pages and turning up for the odd demo. He and fellow S88 alter kampfer Mark McDonald turned up to a Party for Freedom organised rally in Penrith against the development of an Islamic school. The problem is that plans for the school had already been refused days before by the council, rendering their rally pointless leaving the PfF mob to claim a victory that they had no hand in achieving. This did not stop Alex and his droogs from pretending to staunch a group of young queer anti fascists at the train station whilst standing next to 4 uniformed police and a channel 7 camera crew. The affair ended in classic S88 fashion with some drunken slurring, a limp wristed sieg hail and a police escort.

McDonald and Alex “i really want you to see my edgy new white male t-shirt” Annenkov

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Annenkov has since reinvented himself as a vegan Nazi, now targeting Jews and meat eaters. He started the Facebook page Greenline Front Australia, appropriating the Russian eco Nazi primitivist organisation of the same name. He & McDonald have been under attack by their former & embittered circles UNA & AFP, who have denounced them as provocateur’s in bed with the Zio patriot brand PfF. I mean, who wants to join the Eureka Youth League anyway.

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Nice try, but there is no chance you can’t hide that lip



Philip Al Masry

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Al Masry AKA Phillip Christopher Raus is an anti Islamic activist. This American New York born of Egyptian background is currently based in Adelaide and defines himself as an Australian nationalist. He claims to have been a Muslim before denouncing the faith and coming out in firm opposition to its very existence, self applying the term apostate. He was also active in organising and participating in the Adelaide Reclaim Australia rallies and moves in patriot circles.

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(Al Masry stickers)

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(Al Masry at Reclaim)

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Al Masry’s activism seems to be centred around his own personal identity, telling anyone within earshot that he is an apostate and infidel, oh and proud, in case you were wondering. In his personal life, he is known as a compulsive liar, a narcissist and a life committed misogynist . The man is highly active online, particularly twitter, using the name KnowingApostate. He can usually be found about town ripping down leftie posters, putting up anti Islam stickers and looking for Muslims to pick a fight with.

Zigmunt Malter

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AKA Ziggy Zapata is an Islamophobic troll. Based in Sydney, Zapata is reasonably wealthy having a career as a somewhat talented musician (The Mystrys), a commercial pilot and running his own entertainment agency. The arrogant prick has even published his own biography online, which Ziggy thinks makes him a celebrity lol.

There is more to this gluttonous yuppie than cheap Mexican-themed parties and online self praise. He is a full blown anti Islamic e-bigot. He runs a vile Islamophobic website called, a juvenile hate page structured like that of a cheap neo Nazi blog that contains categories like “Islamic Irradiation- The Only Solution” and “Offensive Muslim Jokes”.

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Fuelled by his online narcissism and internalised bigotry, Zapata takes to his Facebook page and website to spew hatred upon the countries minorities, targeting specifically muslims and refugees, often celebrating the deaths at sea of asylum seekers. Like all related vermin he does this by cowering behind a computer screen, resting on bureaucratic legal loop holes whilst shaking a tiny e-fist at political correctness.