Peter Vassiliou

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.24.22 pm

A Melbourne based far right politician. Vassiliou is a fundamentalist Christian who, as a young man, has invested large parts of his life doing various forms of evangelism and missionary work across Australia. Through this medium he met his wife Melanie Vassiliou. The two are both prominent members of the far right Christian nut job party Rise Up Australia. Vassiliou ran as a candidate for Hotham on the party’s behalf.

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Vassiliou was apart of a small contingent of RUAP members that travelled from Melbourne to Sydney for the Reclaim Australia rally on the 29/01/17. On this day, Vassiliou was about the lords work, acting on behalf of a higher purpose. As one of Danny Nalliah‘s most loyal cult members, he was manipulated into taking the trip to face an almost empty and humiliating rally cause Danny couldn’t be fucked. Attendees at the RA rally were forced to listen to Vassiliou’s arduous speech that sounded like a power drill to the temple.


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