Blacktown (June 4th, 2016)

On Saturday the fourth of June, Blacktown in the west of Sydney was inundated by hordes of riled-up patriots, ready to defend their town from the violent African and Muslim gangs. They valiantly addressed the thousands of attendees and-

…Just kidding, there was a tiny gaggle of eighteen racists from the Inner West with a confused jumble of flags ranging from the Aboriginal flag to the American white supremacist confederate flag, all bunched up next to a bus shelter, yelling faintly across to the 100-150+ team of anti-racist protestors and bemused locals. Late to their own rally, protected by a small crew of their mates, the riot cops, and obscured by a taxi rank (from which taxi drivers were not shy in expressing their distaste for the “#White Lives Matter”, “Make Australia Great Again” and “Deport Violent African and Muslim Gangs” placards), the Party for Freedom stood in the rain for around an hour and a half before rolling up their flags and piling back into a couple of Inner-West-bound cars.

Present on the day were as follows:

Nicholas Hunter Folkes: Formerly a member of Australian Protectionist Party, Nick split to form Party For Freedom in mid-2014. Nick is the leader of PFF and their Senate hopeful for the 2016 election. Nick lives in Rozelle and works as a painter and decorator.

Nick Folkes  Nick Folkes 2  Nick Folkes 3

Geoff PriorOne of Party For Freedom’s founding members, and a furnishing of most of their events. Prior has been active during many of PFF’s events, often taking position as a speaker or writing posts for the party’s website. He works as a builder.

Geoff Prior  Geoff Prior 2  Geoff Prior 3

George JamesonA pro israel, islamophobic activist, and high ranking member of Party For Freedom. was first seen during the Penrith actions of late 2014 where he was walking back and forth waving the Israeli flag, much to the visible disgust of many of the Nazis he was there with. Lives around the Blacktown area where he works as a truck driver. He’s also one of the spartans, a group of men who dress up and make pretend that they are spartan warriors during many of PFFs rallies.

George Jameson 2  George Jameson  George Jameson 3

Sven Rehulka (Svatopluk Franz Rehulka): A far right activist, born in 1941 in Prague, Czech Republic. He and his partner, Radka Smith, fled during the communist era to Sydney. After becoming refugees in Australia, they would then spend a fair portion of their time harassing & intimidating refugees. Svatopluk is an outspoken Christian Zionist, gun nut and highly active member of the Party for Freedom.

Sven Rehulka  Sven Rehulka 2  Sven Rehulka 3

Radka SmithA zionist, racist activist and 2IC of Party for Freedom. Radka migrated to Australia from the Czech Republic as a refugee during the rise of communism. Radka AKA Ozzy Possum has been active on the far right for many years, previously affiliated with the Australian Protectionist Party during which her and a handful of other fuckwits protested outside Villawood Detention Centre, calling to “torpedo the boats”.

Radka Smith  Radka Smith 2  Radka Smith 3

Sylvie Adam: A new addition to Nick Folkes and his small group of fuckwits, Sylvie joined with Party for freedom around March 2016 and, like a vast majority, is far more active online whilst doing very little in reality.

Sylvie Adam  Sylvie Adam 2  Sylvie Adam 3

Susan Lamplugh: Susan is a far right activist based in Turill, NSW. Susan spent a decade working for Big W in Turill until quitting, outraged because an Australian flag had been removed from the building. She travels 4 hours to visit Nick Folkes and his poorly attended rallies.

Susan Lamplugh  Susan Lamplugh 2  Susan Lamplugh 3

Elizabeth Power: Power is a Sydney based nationalist activist and a member of One Nation, standing as a candidate in 2013 for Chifley. She is currently standing as an independent senate hopeful for the unregistered ‘Love Australia or Leave’ party in the 2016 election She is quite active as a grassroots Islamophobic and anti-immigration campaigner, being involved in protests against the development of the Penrith Islamic community centre and in the Reclaim Australia rallies, she is also closely tied to the Party for Freedom and Australia First.

Elizabeth Power  Elizabeth Power 2  Elizabeth Power 3

Renay Lynda: This active member of the Party for Freedom is most infamous for her statement “Antifa: worse than Ebola”. She is present at most of their events.

Renay Lynda 3  Renay Lynda  Renay Lynda 2

Toby Cook: Some racist kid who shows up to the PfF rallies. Toby was seen waving a confederate flag on the day, and online prior to the rally described Blacktown as a “tax payer funded negro ghetto”.

Toby Cook 3  Toby Cook 2  Toby Cook

James Sternhell: A Sydney based far right activist. Sternhell is a dentist who practices at 107/ 222 Pitt St and is responsible for inventing an anaesthetic device. He is also a highly active member of the Party for Freedom and is in regular attendance at most of their events and demonstrations, being one of their founding members.

James Sternhell  James Sternhell 2  James Sternhell 3

Thomas Brown: AKA Tommo is an active nationalist activist. in 2016 he assumed control over the small Aussie Patriot Army, a split from UPF led by Neil Erickson and Shermon Burgess. He is closely tied to PfF, having attended an anti-halal event in Fairfield as well as the very small gathering of PfF racists in Blacktown last weekend.

Tom Brown  Tom Brown 2  Tom Brown 3

Robert Borg: Born in Il-Mellieha, Malta. Robert immigrated to Australia as a child. An anti-islam activist tied with the Party for Freedom, he is also a avid supporter of Sydney FC and the Bankstown Canterbury Bulldogs. He lives in Blacktown.

Robert Borg 2  Robert Borg 3  Robert Borg

Danny Peanna/Parkinson: Described as a “coconut” (black on the outside, white on the inside) by other Aboriginal people, Danny is the PfF’s token blackfulla. He lives around blacktown and is another LARPer who dresses up as a Spartan at many PFF rallies.

Danny Peanna [Parkinson]  Danny Peanna [Parkinson] 2  Danny Peanna [Parkinson] 3

Stuart J Jones (“Luther Morales”): Adding to the roll call of PfF’s Spartans is this gronk. Continuing his trend of wearing weird costumes, he attended Penrith’s anti-mosque rally wearing, bizarrely enough, a Ghostface mask from Scream. He used to act as the muscle for PfF (we know – this little baby duckling? The muscle?), distributing posters and threatening letters towards Sydney’s left.

Stuart J Jones  Stuart J Jones 3  Stuart J Jones 2

Greg Burt: This ex-military guy is from young but based in Sydney. He is an active associate of the PfF and frequently acts as their photographer. He is known as Darkhorse853 online.

Greg Burt  Greg Burt 2  Greg Burt 3

Fiona Jane Field: Despite clicking attending on Facebook months in advance, Fiona Jane Field was not available to attend the racist gathering as she was off far, far away being a good fascist.

Fiona Field
Also present at Blacktown were these two new faces (we know – more beardy white dudes in the 25-to-65 year age bracket? Revolutionary.)

Unknown Individual #2Unknown Individual #1








































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