Marriage Equality Rally (June 25th, 2016)

We know the drill by now. Party for Freedom brings more placards than people to a location too far from the left rally for anyone to hear them, gets vastly outnumbered, says some confused and offensive shit, then file back into their cars to head home, patting themselves on the back and making empty online threats towards the left for the rest of the night. This time around it happened at Saturday’s Marriage Equality and Safe Schools rally in the Sydney CBD.

They brought along some brand new signs, although the message on them could have been a little clearer… Several people on the day were overheard debating whether or not the PfF were gay communists, and one compassionate soul suggested they be invited to join in the rally. We can’t blame them, look at this shit:


The small cluster of bigots arrived in a pack, huddled in the doorway of the Sydney City cop shop before they migrated 50m up the road. Then, as usual, PfF stayed stationary for the length of the rally, even when the huge mass of LGBT+ rights activists swelled out onto the road that passed between the two sides and almost threatened to engulf them.

You’ve almost got to commend the PfF. Coming out to a rally in Blacktown where they were outnumbered 10:1 wasn’t enough for them, so they had to dream bigger. They managed a measly 100:1 ratio at Saturday’s Marriage Equality/Safe Schools rally. That’s right, they numbered between eight and twelve people, compared to the LGBT+ rights rally’s 1000+. Solid effort, patriots.

So the PfF members who actually did show up chanted (mostly unintelligible) things like “safe schools off our streets,” copying the common left chant of “Fascist scum off our streets”. We actually wonder if perhaps Safe Schools should indeed be off our streets and into somewhere more appropriate… Our schools, perhaps?

Thursday’s transmisogynistic video posted in the lead-up to the rally featured Nick Folkes, George Jameson and their tagalong kid Toby Cook dressing in outlandish attire (each sporting a brightly coloured wig or hat) in an attempt to mock trans women and condemn the Safe Schools campaign. It’s jarred and awkward, and we’re fairly sure none of them have met a gay or trans person in their lives, but have a go at it if you want:

Anyway, without further ado, here’s who showed up:

Nick Folkes: Formerly a member of Australian Protectionist Party, Nick split to form Party For Freedom in mid-2014. Nick is the leader of PFF and was there senate hopeful for the 2016 election, before backing away due to a severe lack of support. Nick lives in Rozelle and works as a painter and decorator. 
Nick Folkes #2  Nick Folkes #1  Nick Folkes #3

George Jameson: A pro-Israel, Islamophobic activist, and high ranking member of Party For Freedom. Jameson was first seen during the Penrith actions of late 2014 where he was walking back and forth waving the Israeli flag, much to the visible disgust of many of the Nazis he was there with. Lives around the Blacktown area where he works as a truck driver. He’s also one of the Spartans, a group of men who dress up and make pretend that they are spartan warriors during many of PFFs rallies.
George Jameson #3  George Jameson #1  George Jameson #2

Toby Cook: Some racist kid who shows up to the PfF rallies. Toby was seen sporting a new pair of special gloves (A schedule 1 prohibited weapon under the NSW Weapons Prohibition Act 1998) to better his chances of ‘bashing the lefties’. When confronted, however, he cowered away with a, quote, “dopey, scared look on his face”. 
Toby Cook #1  Toby Cook #2  Toby Cook #3

Geoff Prior: One of Party For Freedom’s founding members, and a furnishing of most of their events. Prior has been active during many of PFF’s events, often taking position as a speaker or writing posts for the party’s website. He works as a builder.
Geoff Prior #1  Geoff Prior #3  Geoff Prior #4

James Sternhill:
 A Sydney based far right activist. Sternhell is a dentist who practices at 107/ 222 Pitt St and is responsible for inventing an anaesthetic device. He is also a highly active member of the Party for Freedom and is in regular attendance at most of their events and demonstrations, being one of their founding members.
James Sternhell #1  James Sternhell #2  James Sternhell #3

Sven Rehulka (Svatopluk Franz Rehulka): A far right activist, born in 1941 in Prague, Czech Republic. He and his partner, Radka Smith, fled during the communist era to Sydney. After becoming refugees in Australia, they would then spend a fair portion of their time harassing & intimidating other refugees. Svatopluk is an outspoken Christian Zionist, gun nut and highly active member of the Party for Freedom.
Sven Rehulka #1  Sven Rehulka #2  Sven Rehulka #3

Sylvie Adam: One of PFF’s newest members, Sylvie has been active at the most recent Party for Freedom events, including attended a protest against the Halal Festival held in Fairfield, a protest against African and Muslim people living in Blacktown and at the homophobic anti-marriage-equality rally.
Sylvie Adam #1  Sylvie Adam #2  Sylvie Adam #3

Thomas Brown: AKA Tommo is an active nationalist activist. in 2016 he assumed control over the small Aussie Patriot Army, a split from UPF led by Neil Erickson and Shermon Burgess. He is closely tied to PfF, having attended an anti-halal event in Fairfield as well as the very small gathering of PfF racists in Blacktown at the beginning of the month.
Thomas Brown #1  Thomas Brown #2  Thomas Brown #3

Mitchell Kenneth:  Mitchell Kenneth is a coward who can be noticed at all PfF rallies acting as a sort of bovver boy for Folkes but do not be fooled. He is more cowardly than the rest of their members who at least have tried to defend their pride in the past.
Grey Hoodie #1  Grey Hoodie #2  Grey Hoodie #3

This quiet asshole: A long time member of Party for Freedom, was seen at PFF’s first rally outside Marrickville Woolworths in 2014. Also appeared at a rally outside the Penrith council chambers protesting against a development proposal at the end of 2014 / start of 2015.
Marrickville Tempe #1  MT 3  MT person

This dickhead: Another member of PfF, this man attempted to infiltrate the marriage equality rally, but stuck out like a sore thumb, was quickly spotted and scurried along back to the bigots safe location, closely protected by the police.
13567051_1577509889216281_774008158196343861_n  edt  13507257_1577510469216223_1565031312600267528_n

DLP Campaigner: It wasn’t only PFF present at the protest, far right groups from all over NSW supplied the people power needed to stage the 10 person rally. This supporter of the Democratic Labor Party was seen conversing amicably with the group during their protest. 
IMG_9212  IMG_9199  DLP #2



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