Lynette Keehn

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A far right politician from Queensland. Keehn was a part of the so called “patriot” movement in Queensland. Alongside attending the Reclaim Australia rallies Keehn organised a bus to transport people to the local RA rally and actively promoted the rallies on social media.


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(Older Photo)

Keehn was selected to run as the One Nation Party candidate for Maranoa, QLD. Her political life seems to have been predetermined by her personal one. She blames multiculturalism for her failed marriage, describing it as “a multicultural marriage that didn’t work out”. She even has a gay daughter and was supportive of safe schools, until she was forced to retract her views online.

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(Views on First Nations people)

Keehn is a good example of the disenfranchised working class in Australia who become manipulated by aspiring opportunists into being a fascist stooge. The sort of person you would kinda feel sorry for if she wasn’t a racist.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.37.58 pm.png

(Lynette with Kim Vuga)


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