John Pasquarelli

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A far right politician from Queensland. Pasquarelli served as a member in the House of Assembly in Papua New Guinea during the 60s. It was reported by those close to him that during his period in office he harboured deeply racist views regarding the PNG people.

From The Amazing Man Behind Pauline Hanson in reference to the peoples of Papua New Guinea:

“We have examples in Africa and other countries of the world where different classes of people were not united when independence came to them and we have all read and heard about what has happened in many of these instances – rape, plunder, riots and murder, as well as mockery of the judiciary and other institutions.”

Pasquarelli was formally associated with the Labor Party before being kicked out for alleging several branches had been infiltrated by communists. He was also known for his associations with far right ex Labor personalities B.A Santamaria and Graeme Campbell. He was a prominent member of the One Nation Party. He acted as a close advisor to party leader Pauline Hanson, writing her infamous maiden speech attacking immigration and multiculturalism.

Pasquarelli became something of a mystical figure in the party, often being referred to as the power behind Hanson, acting as her mentor. He was known for his vocal opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, which he would refer to as peril. Following the collapse of the ONP he became a self proclaimed political commentator, calling for conservatives to oppose immigration.

In 2011 he helped produce a statutory declaration of a former union official that pointed to alleged corruption in the Gillard government which was distributed through right wing shock jock Michael Smith. He has since relinked with Pauline, re-joining the ONP as one of Pauline’s advisors.


Scott Balson

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A far right internet designer and author. Balson self identifies as one of the people who brought computer based marketing to Australia. So yeah a totally sane and modest bloke. He was known for running several websites including Global Web Builders and Australian National News of the Day, known for publishing highly racist and anti Semitic material online.

Balson joined up with the One Nation Party in the late 90s, becoming one of Pauline Hanson’s closest allies. He was selected as the ONP’s official Webmaster, overseeing their online content. Following a fight with Hanson, Balson was removed from the party in 1999 and retreated to online activism. He has written several novels including Murder by Media, Enemy of the State and One Voice, Many Issues. Balson is often considered to have been the most prominent online far right propagandist in Australia during the late 90s.

Tom King

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Tom King is a far right activist from Queensland. King was one of the most active extreme right functionaries in Australia throughout the 90s. He was a prominent member of the Confederate Action Party and has long standing associations with the Australian League of Rights. He was a frequent contributor to the far right publication The Strategy.

King was one of Australia’s leading pro-gun activists in the Australian version of the  militia movement, a grouping of armed citizens harbouring hostility towards gun control, taxes and the federal government. He led the militia group known as the South East Queensland Australian Defence Association and was also involved in the AUSI Freedom Scouts. He is also one of Australia’s leading Port Arthur massacre conspiracy theorists.

King became infamous as a member of the One Nation Party in Queensland. Prior to his involvement with the ONP he had been associated with the Australia First Party and a key link between militia and ultra nationalist circles. In 1998 he was elected president of the Queensland Electoral Campaign Committee for the ONP, being responsible for organising party events, fundraisers and campaigns.

Rosa Lee Long

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A far right politician from Queensland. Long joined the ONP upon its formation, although she did not contest the 1998 election. She is one of the most loyal acolytes of Pauline Hanson, running for the seat of Tablelands in 2001, in which she was successfully elected, becoming one of the few ONP’s MP’s to actually hold a seat.  Long would hold her seat until 2009 when she was replaced by Shaun Nelson.

Long assumed leadership of One Nation in Queensland in 2002 and became party leader in 2004. Long presided over ONP when it was at its lowest of political relevance. She was replaced as party leader in 2013 by Jim Savage. She currently serves as the Mayor of Tablelands and is notable for her vocal opposition to foreign trade and investment.

Rosa Lee Long is a longstanding ONP veteran, being their longest serving politician. Despite all this, Long seems to be yet another ONP politician that strays from the party’s miscegenation principles. She is married to a man of Chinese descent, which must be just the littlest bit awkward for Long when racist jokes are exchanged at party meetings. But hey, I hear even the KKK are recruiting Catholics, Jews and blacks now.

Tony Pitt

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An Australian far right activist from Queensland. Pitt had an unsuccessful career in banking prior to his career as an RAAF navigator. He became active in the far right throughout the 80s as an opponent to immigration and international banks. Pitt was a founding and leading member of the extreme right Confederate Action Party and acted as their public face.

Pitt was a major advocate of New World Order conspiracies, claiming that the federal government was planning to disarm Australia through the Port Arthur massacre to enable Indonesia to invade Australia. Wow. He encouraged Australians to prepare for this by arming themselves with automatic weapons in the case of attack.

Pitt was connected to several armed militia groups including The Australians and the Australian United Survival Individual Freedom Scouts that were conducting paramilitary training camps. He was the editor of several far right conspiracy theorist publications including The National Interest, Wake Up Australia, Fight, Action, Rural Action News and was a prominent contributor to The Strategy. He also authored The Australian Crisis. His work has been described accurately by many as anti Semitic.

Mr Pitt was one of the engineers of the CAP infiltration of the One Nation Party in the late 90s. Pitt and several of his associates joined the ONP,  becoming influential in the party’s Queensland chapter, with Pitt heading the Maryborough branch. Through Pitt’s media reach through various sects of Australia’s alt right community, he was able to actively promote Pauline Hanson and her ONP.

Following the disintegration of the ONP, Pitt and his CAP comrades were looked upon unfavourably as radical elements within the party that tarnished the party through their anti democratic views. He briefly became involved in the small ONP splinter party City Country Alliance. He remained active in the far right, speaking at events such as Inverell Forum among others. He died in 2006.

Peter James

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A far right politician. James was a prominent member of the One Nation Party in Queensland. James worked as Pauline Hanson’s campaign manager as well as a Treasurer for ONP’s Oxley branch. James was later appointed to the position of ONP Queensland State Director, allowing him a large amount of power within the party.

James gained notoriety in 1998 when militant neo Nazi organisation National Action offered the ONP protection. James accepted the endorsement and support of his would be Nazi bedfellows, which allowed an open affiliation between the two camps.

Heather Hill

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A far right politician from Brisbane, Queensland. Hill was the manager of the Family Resource Centre in Ipswich during the 90s which suffered a massive funding cut on account of the Liberal government. Instead of assigning blame to the Tory government for cutting essential social services from working class communities, Hill decided to join the far right One Nation party to deprive others of rights. Hmm.

Hill is a close friend of ONP party leader Pauline Hanson, having grown up together on the rough streets of Ipswich. She was selected to run as the ONP candidate for Ipswich in the 1998 election. And she won. The only problem is, being born in the UK, Hill did not hold Australian citizenship, leading to her eventual removal from office. Imagine that. An immigrant, joining an anti immigration party, who ran as a candidate for the senate. Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t matter because she is white.