Heather Hill

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.08.39 pm.png

A far right politician from Brisbane, Queensland. Hill was the manager of the Family Resource Centre in Ipswich during the 90s which suffered a massive funding cut on account of the Liberal government. Instead of assigning blame to the Tory government for cutting essential social services from working class communities, Hill decided to join the far right One Nation party to deprive others of rights. Hmm.

Hill is a close friend of ONP party leader Pauline Hanson, having grown up together on the rough streets of Ipswich. She was selected to run as the ONP candidate for Ipswich in the 1998 election. And she won. The only problem is, being born in the UK, Hill did not hold Australian citizenship, leading to her eventual removal from office. Imagine that. An immigrant, joining an anti immigration party, who ran as a candidate for the senate. Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t matter because she is white.


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