Rosa Lee Long

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.22.40 pm.png

A far right politician from Queensland. Long joined the ONP upon its formation, although she did not contest the 1998 election. She is one of the most loyal acolytes of Pauline Hanson, running for the seat of Tablelands in 2001, in which she was successfully elected, becoming one of the few ONP’s MP’s to actually hold a seat.  Long would hold her seat until 2009 when she was replaced by Shaun Nelson.

Long assumed leadership of One Nation in Queensland in 2002 and became party leader in 2004. Long presided over ONP when it was at its lowest of political relevance. She was replaced as party leader in 2013 by Jim Savage. She currently serves as the Mayor of Tablelands and is notable for her vocal opposition to foreign trade and investment.

Rosa Lee Long is a longstanding ONP veteran, being their longest serving politician. Despite all this, Long seems to be yet another ONP politician that strays from the party’s miscegenation principles. She is married to a man of Chinese descent, which must be just the littlest bit awkward for Long when racist jokes are exchanged at party meetings. But hey, I hear even the KKK are recruiting Catholics, Jews and blacks now.


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