Tony Pitt

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.17.12 pm.png

An Australian far right activist from Queensland. Pitt had an unsuccessful career in banking prior to his career as an RAAF navigator. He became active in the far right throughout the 80s as an opponent to immigration and international banks. Pitt was a founding and leading member of the extreme right Confederate Action Party and acted as their public face.

Pitt was a major advocate of New World Order conspiracies, claiming that the federal government was planning to disarm Australia through the Port Arthur massacre to enable Indonesia to invade Australia. Wow. He encouraged Australians to prepare for this by arming themselves with automatic weapons in the case of attack.

Pitt was connected to several armed militia groups including The Australians and the Australian United Survival Individual Freedom Scouts that were conducting paramilitary training camps. He was the editor of several far right conspiracy theorist publications including The National Interest, Wake Up Australia, Fight, Action, Rural Action News and was a prominent contributor to The Strategy. He also authored The Australian Crisis. His work has been described accurately by many as anti Semitic.

Mr Pitt was one of the engineers of the CAP infiltration of the One Nation Party in the late 90s. Pitt and several of his associates joined the ONP,  becoming influential in the party’s Queensland chapter, with Pitt heading the Maryborough branch. Through Pitt’s media reach through various sects of Australia’s alt right community, he was able to actively promote Pauline Hanson and her ONP.

Following the disintegration of the ONP, Pitt and his CAP comrades were looked upon unfavourably as radical elements within the party that tarnished the party through their anti democratic views. He briefly became involved in the small ONP splinter party City Country Alliance. He remained active in the far right, speaking at events such as Inverell Forum among others. He died in 2006.


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