XYZ is an online opinion blog posing as a news site. It was established in 2015 as an ultra conservative blog, masquerading as an alternative media/ news source which functions outside of the mainstream media. Describing it as a news source is dishonest as XYZ has little to no factual basis for the majority of its articles. It takes its name as an extreme opposite to the liberal leaning Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It operates a Facebook and WordPress. Its crude attempts at satire are similar in nature to other far right blogs including and Whitelaw Towers.

The authors of the XYZ are predominantly based in Melbourne and studied at RMIT University. The content posted on the XYZ can be best categorised as repressive right reactionary nonsense. Its contributors have expressed support for an array of positions including Western cultural preservation, Christian extremism, anglo Australian nationalism, Euroscepticism and white nationalism. It functions as a hate column against so called political correctness and the unifying far right conspiracy theory of “cultural Marxism”, its targets being leftists, Muslims, feminism/ women, immigrants and LGBTIQ peoples. It mirrors the American based ideological trend of the white nationalist/ neo fascist Alternative Right (Alt Right).

XYZ’s contributors hold close affiliations with the nationalist “patriot” movement. It is noted for aligning itself with fascist forces. This includes Sydney’s president for peanuts Nick Folkes and interviewing warped Melbourne neo Nazi Felicity Sharpe, swapping tears about intolerant lefties.Other prominent contributors to this ‘news’ site go by the pseudonyms: Boethius, Keating and Vic Timms.

Despite their originally conservative leaning on the XYZ, the website now appears to be fully “red pilled”. Its content by all authors has gone full Nazi/ white nationalist. It goes out of its way to align itself politically with the most extreme right worldview’s under the guise of “satire” and “free speech”. It remains one of Australia’s most visible alt right websites/ blogs.

Prominent Figures: 

David Hiscox

Ryan Fletcher

Jeremy Morgan

Clair Morgan

Erin Batu

Andrew Douglas



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