Paul Zanetti

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A conservative cartoonist from Wollongong. Zanetti got his start in The Sun, sending in cartoons, where he was noted to be the youngest political cartoonist in the country. Zanetti would go on to befriend fellow right wing cartoonist Larry Pickering, whom he would replace in a staff position for the Sunday & Daily Telegraph.

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Zanetti has been convenient the re cloning of a withering cancer riddled Pickering as a Tory propagandist. His cartoons are cheap, sensationalist and intentionally offensive and distasteful. Zanetti also operates his own online political blog called Zanetti’s View which articulates a fear/ hatred of Muslims, support for Pauline Hanson and below the belt hatchet jobs targeting liberal politicians.

In early February 2017 Zanetti attended an event at North Ryde RSL fundraising for several anti Halal campaigners being taken to court for defamation. The fundraiser was organised by the far right anti Islam organisation Q Society, in which those being sued were prominent members of, namely Kirralie Smith. Zanetti was praised by speaker Ross Cameron as a guest of honour.


Robert Dickson

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A far right politician from the Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Dickson has a background in sports science and has claimed to have written several research articles on various sporting and leisure activities such as swimming and kayaking.

Dickson describes himself as a home grown patriot. He has written several books, the most notable being A Snowflakes Chance in Hell: Australia’s Leadership Crisis & Our Great Opportunity which was highly critical of the current political system in Australia.

Dickson stood as an independent in the 2016 federal election for the seat of Fairfax on an anti immigration anti tax platform. After failing he has fallen back onto the online based anti immigration “patriot” movement. He operates a Facebook page called LIFT Australia, which is active in promoting the likes of far right anti immigration parties such as One Nation and the Australian Liberty Alliance.

Fay Hill

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A far right activist from Maryborough, Queensland. Hill was initially involved in the operation of the small online network the Australian Defence League. Hill is known for her staunch anti Islam and Christian fundamentalist views.

Hill was one of the few operators of the extreme right Left Wing Bigots Exposed FB page alongside fellow ADL member Ralph Cerminara. Hill has since presumably had a falling out with Ralph.