Maurice Hetherington

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A far right political activist from Queensland. Hetherington is the co founder (alongside Craig Isherwood) of the far right political organisation the Citizens Electoral Council, an officially registered political party. Hetherington was notable for introducing the ideas of American political cult leader Lyndon LaRouche into Australian politics through the CEC.

Hetherington has served as the chairman of the CEC and remains one of its key power figures. He currently sits on the national executive committee and is the head of the party’s operations in Queensland. He has represented the CEC in several elections, notably for the seat of Baralaba.


Gabrielle Peut

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A far right writer, politician and functionary from Melbourne. Peut is a prominent member of the anti Semitic Citizens Electoral Council, being a member of its National Executive Committee. She has represented the party in several elections, standing as a candidate for the Victorian senate in 2016.

Peut represented the CEC in a trip to Russia in 2015 for the so called Eurasia Women’s Forum, which was run by right wing politician Valentina Matviyenko, former governor of St Petersburg, Chairman of the Federation Council and prominent member of Putin’s United Russia party. Here, LaRouche’s conspiracies were given a national platform.

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Peut is a central figure in the CEC, being one of their main researchers and writers, fetishizing topics such as the death of Princess Diana and the trading bloc BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to break English/ international Jewish bankers control over the worlds economies.

Robert Barwick

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A far right political activist from Melbourne. Barwick is a leading figure in the Citizens Electoral Council, acting as one of their most visible functionaries. Barwick acts as the CEC spokesperson, media liaison and as their key political researcher and analyst.

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Barwick spoke at a conference in America in 2013 organised by the Schiller Institute, a front group for the American wing of the LaRouche movement. He appears regularly in the CEC channel The CEC Report  with his wife Elisa Barwick and is a regular contributor to the various CEC controlled publications.

Robert Butler

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A far right politician and activist from Chatswood, Sydney. Butler is an early member of the Citizens Electoral Council, joining prior to its ideological transformation into a fully fledged LaRouche cult. Butler is one of the most senior members of the CEC, serving as the NSW state chairman.

Butler has stood on behalf of the CEC in several elections, often not doing so well. Its odd to think LaRouche’s ideas never really took off. Butler stood for the CEC for the NSW senate in 2016.

Ann Lawler

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A far right politician from the Hunter Valley. Lawler is a prominent member of the Citizens Electoral Council, a far right anti Semitic party, sitting on its National Executive Committee. Lawler is the former national chairman and NSW State Secretary of the CEC.

Lawler ran on behalf of the CEC for the seat of Hunter in both the 2013 and 2016 elections. Unsurprisingly this attempt was met with little success. We’d suggest dropping the line about the global banking scheme, as it tends to frighten away the sane.

Glen Isherwood

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A far right political activist from Melbourne. Glen is the son of Citizens Electoral Council founder and leader Craig Isherwood. He followed his father into the ranks of the CEC, becoming one of the groups key functionaries and main organisers of the Australian LaRouche Youth Movement.

He gained notoriety when he interrupted a presentation from Hans Schellnhuber, a German climate scientist, by handing him a tied noose as a threat. He has been active in hosting the groups TV channel The CEC Report.